Rapid Development and Popularization of the Internet Essay

In recent two decennaries, with the rapid development and popularisation of universe cyberspace and computing machine engineering, cyberspace has been an built-in portion of both human day-to-day life and fiscal market. Based on the World Internet Stats ( 2010 ) , the figure of cyberspace users around the universe totaled 1.97 billion by June 2010, increased 444.8 per centum over the last decennary ( Figure 1 ). Gilmore et Al ( 2007 ) stated that following cyberspace and e-marketing scheme within concern provide little and average sized endeavors ( SMEs ) an chance to cut down cost, better competiveness and expand concerns.

With a turning figure of SMEs are uniting cyberspace and web site with concern, it has become the mainstream for SMEs in the universe to accommodate cyberspace engineerings to spread out concern and turn themselves. In simple footings, e-marketing refers to accomplishing concern ends by utilizing universe broad web ( WWW ) , instant messaging, electronic mails, on-line payment and other signifiers of cyberspace related engineerings ( Gilmore et al. , 2007 ) . An e-marketing scheme includes the actions taken in order to advance a trade name via the cyberspace and a good e-marketing scheme plays a most important function in the success of a concern ( Rampur, 2010 ).

Figure1 Internet Users in the World by Geographic Region

Beginning: World Internet Stats ( 2010 )

It is widely believed that big endeavors contribute a batch to the economic system. However, SMEs besides play an of import function in both universe and local economic system. SMEs are non merely an of import gross subscriber, but besides a great occupation chances provider. To be precise, SMEs history for 98.9 per centum of entire figure of concerns, 77.3 per centum of employed people, 65.6 per centum of gross industrial end product value, 63.3 per centum of gross revenues grosss and 54 per centum of entire net incomes in China ( Singh and Garg, 2010 ).

With China ‘s entry into World Trade Organization ( WTO ) , China authorities has shown the ambitious to promote both state-owned endeavors and SMEs to walk with universe ‘s gait. In 2002, SME Promotion Law of the People ‘s Republic of China was carried out to back up and promote the development of SMEs in China. Harmonizing to Hong ( 2010 ) , Jiangsu state has strong fight non merely in per-capital GDP, but besides in internet incursion. As a representative of China ‘s SMEs, Jiangsu state besides carried out policies to advance the development of SMEs and better international fight such as Promotion Rules of SMES in Jiangsu Province.

Though the development of SMEs is dining and some of the SMEs in Jiangsu are sing marketing schemes via Internet, a figure of SMEs are still implementing marketing schemes in traditional ways. They prefer to concentrate on the merchandises and services from the provider perspective alternatively of client position ( Sheth and Sharma, 2005 ) . The fact is that SMEs who are following new advanced engineerings have enjoyed benefits of e-marketing and achieved advantageous place ( Chong et al. , 2009 ) . For illustration, some SMEs are utilizing electronic mail as an of import medium to pass on with clients, to portion merchandises and services information with clients and heighten client trueness ( Merisavo and Raulas, 2004 ) . In the interim, some SMEs are believing extremely of on-line platform such as the third-party web site Alibaba.com. Suppliers and purchasers prefer to transact through Alibaba.com for low demand, dependable on-line payment and big market portion ( Zhao et al. , 2008 ) .It is the clip for all SMEs to reconsider the traditional manner of making concern and believe more of e-related selling schemes. Under this state of affairs, it is a great chance for SMEs in Jiangsu to follow the universe tendency and do concern with new e-marketing schemes.

Literature Review

With the popularisation of the Internet and website, there appear a tendency that more SMEs prefer to marketing their trade names via Internet. A big measure of research workers and writers has done researches on e-marketing scheme.

Drivers and barriers to e-marketing acceptance amongst SMEs were stated by Gilmore et Al. in 2007.

Chong et Al. in 2009 carried out a questionnaire about the seasons, jobs and benefits of e-marketing. The most frequency reply tends to be competition in the market place, security and better relationship with clients, severally.

Singh et Al. in 2010 concluded promotional policies for SMEs by the Chinese Government, which gave us a comprehensive apprehension of the part that the authorities made for the sustained, steady and fast development of SMEs in China.

Stephen Rampur in 2010 pointed out several constituents of e-marketing scheme, which are search engine optimisation ( SEO ), email selling scheme, on-line advertisement, on-line newssheets and media intelligence suites.

To reason, a big measure of old researches and surveies have been made to research e-marketing and SMEs and e-marketplace, of which some surveies may based on the Chinese economic system. Nevertheless, simply a few surveies focused on B2B e-marketing scheme for SMEs. As a effect, this paper will supply a deeper survey on the subject associating to B2B e-marketing scheme for SMEs particularly in Jiangsu state.

Research inquiries

What is the current state of affairs of the development of the e-marketing engineering in Jiangsu state?

What is the B2B e-marketing acceptance amongst SMEs in Jiangsu state?

What are the constituents of B2B e-marketing scheme for SMEs in Jiangsu?

Research Aims

This paper has following aims:

Supply an overall apprehension of the development of e-marketing engineering in China and Jiangsu state.

Understand the current state of affairs of the B2B e-marketing acceptance amongst SMEs in Jiangsu state.

Highlight the function that cyberspace dramas in B2B e-marketing scheme.

Find out the constituents of B2B e-marketing scheme for SMEs in Jiangsu state.

Research Methodology

Both quantitative analysis techniques and qualitative analysis techniques will be applied in this research, which consist of several stairss: questionnaire design, informations aggregation and information analysis. Online questionnaire will be carried out to roll up original informations from 200 directors of SMEs in Jiangsu state. The current state of affairs of e-marketing acceptance amongst SMEs will be analyzed through these informations. For illustration, for a inquiry “ Have you of all time used Internet engineering to develop your concern?“, if 60 directors answered “ yes ”, one basic decision can be made that three ten percent of the SMEs in Jiangsu have adopt e-marketing scheme. The grounds why online questionnaire method was used are that the cost is low, the consequence is more precise and the respondents have small vacillation ( Saunders, et al. , 2009 ) . Furthermore, interview with 20 information direction and information system ( IMS ) pupils will roll up informations for open-ended inquiries.

Research Plan

Research Resources

Resources needed for this research include a book called & lt ; & lt ; Research methods for concern pupils & gt ; & gt ; and other book resources borrowed from the Library of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University ( XJTLU ) . Eight months will be taken in the research from September 2010 to May 2011. Furthermore, a computing machine linked to the cyberspace with Microsoft Project installed will be used. It should be emphasized that in order to obtain academic research documents and articles online, the computing machine should be used within the boundaries of the XJTLU campus.