Rate of Development Essay

Understand Child and Young Person Development Unit 022. 1. 2 Why is the difference important? The difference is important because you need to understand in the sequence & rate of child development so that you can have good knowledge and understanding of child development. The sequence of development is the same for all children. It is important what most children can do at certain age. The rate of development lets us how long a child takes to get to each stage. This can vary. If the rate of development is too slow, the child may need additianol help in order to make progress.

Explain the difference between sequence of development and why the difference is important. The sequence of development is a process where an event is followed one after the other and achieves a level of succession with a series of changes in development that leads to matured state. For example, a baby first starts to roll, thereafter 6-7 months they try to sit, soon after they start crawling using their legs and hands. Next stage at the age of 1 they will try to stand holding things, try to walk hol. 3 ding parents hands and finally they reaches a stage of succession where they can walk independently.

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Rate of Development it’s a quantity of something in comparison with a unit of another thing. Rate of development varies child to child. Each and every child has a different rate of development. They follow more or less the same pattern of rate of development. For example: Some babies start teething from 6 months and some of them start even at 9 months some babies can start making sentences at around 1 but in some case at the age of 1 and they only can speak few broken words. Importance of differences is that sequential development is the sequence of development this means that you must finish with one of area of development efore you move on to the next one. The rate of development is the pace that a child develops, these can be the pace within each sequence or the pace overall and goes to cover all the set areas or period in between or altogether in the sequence. These principals run through all the areas of development from physical, social, intellectual and language no matter what the age of the child. If at all one is skipped or is slow it can be a cause for concern and may lead to a child being given a special recommendation or having a special need in or outside school