Rayvon Martin vs.George Zimmerman Essay

Nick Papazlatanov Criminal Law Class Prof. Hernandez Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman The neighborhood watch Martin, 17 year old, was shot dead in Sanford, Florida, on 26 February by a neighborhood watch George Zimmerman, Sanford PD decided not to arrest Zimmerman at the time. The Sanford PD declined to arrest Zimmerman after the shooting, because the PD did not found any evidence to contradict his account that he acted in self-defense. In Florida’s the self-defense law gives a leeway to use deadly force and eliminates a person’s duty to retreat in the face of danger.

I read the report that Ofc. T. Smith had written and this is what I go out of it. Ofc. T. Smith was the first one to get to the scene, he stated via his radio that he was arriving to the area and also stated there was one subject shot and one gun at point. Upon arrival Ofc.

T. Smith had a white male in custody who was later identified as George Zimmerman who was also the original caller in reference to the suspicious person walking through the neighborhood. After Zimmerman was put into custody Ofc. T. Smith and Sgt.Raimondo tried to give Martin CPR but it wasn’t successful. Ofc.

T. Smith started questioning Zimmerman and he had told the Ofc. That he had been the one who had called the police and he is still armed. Zimmerman complained with all the verbal commands Ofc. T.

Smith had asked him. While Ofc. T. Smith was in a close contact with Zimmerman he saw that Zimmerman had blood coming out of his nose and back of its head and had grass all over him.

SFD had given Zimmerman medical attention. After that he was taken to SPD.At no point Ofc. T. Smith had asked Zimmerman what had happen.

By reading the report that Ofc. T. Smith was given its hard to make a decision who was right or wrong in this situation. By reading some articles online I feel that Zimmerman did the wrong decision by shooting Martin. If he was the neighborhood watch guy by him calling the cops was the one and only the one thing he had to do. Zimmerman having grass on his shirt and also bleeding from his nose and head it proves that there was some kind of a physical activity going on.What really happened that night only Zimmerman knows.

Martin was an innocent kid wearing a hoodie through out Zimmerman neighborhood. My opinion to this incident is while Martin was walking through out the neighborhood Zimmerman probably felt scared because Martin was a black male with a hoodie on. He might’ve had said something to Martin like ( who are you, or what are you doing here ) and that might’ve triggered Martin off to a point where he might have attacked Zimmerman and thats when he shot Martin.After all I do not agree what the Sanford police because they declined to arrest Zimmerman after the shooting, even after Zimmerman said he was the shooter but the Sanford Police is saying they found no evidence to contradict his account that he had acted in self-defense, and by Florida’s rule “Stand Your Ground” law which allows people to use deadly force against adversaries when they fear Zimmerman did what he had to do and shot Martin who was unarmed 17 year old boy.Since the Stand Your Ground law allows people to use deadly force as self defense the SPD has nothing on Zimmerman anymore and thats why they are not arresting him, and I do agree with them.

We all know what Zimmerman did was wrong but in court in front of a judge its not what we know and see its what we can prove and make it believe. Zimmerman did have minor signs of being attacked and as a self defense he used deadly force.