Reaction Paper Essay

Evan Lovro English 101 2:00 Darin Halversen October 17, 2012 Reaction Paper My thoughts about the movie could be similar to other people’s opinions.

The movie itself started out slow, I have noticed that with a lot of older movies like this one, it took a while for me to catch on to the point of the movie, or to figure out what it was about. Slowly the movie started picking up and it began to make more sense to me. There are a lot of characters that I had to write down on a piece of paper because it was almost impossible for me to memorize all of them.

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First I would like to start off talking about the quality of the movie. Since it was released back in 1976 the film quality wasn’t near as clear as it is present day. I noticed the cameras that they were using in the movie are quite different than they are today. I began to think how much technology can change in such a short period of time. I noticed the characters in this movie are older than the actors that are played in the movies today. I began to think that this movie was maybe produced for older people to watch.If someone watches a movie and the characters are the same age as them they enjoy the movie a lot better. I think that they also are able to follow the movie better because they understand how the characters act according to the situation.

To me I think I would have enjoyed the movie a lot better if the characters were my age. I also think, from my perspective, if the character is good looking or attractive I pay attention to the movie a lot more and enjoy watching it more.Same with this movie, I think that an older person would enjoy this movie a lot more because the actors in this movie are older than normal movies of today.

What caught my eye in this movie was the young woman actor that I thought was attractive. She was the only young actor in the movie which really made me confused on why they would do that. I noticed that I like the scenes that she was in better compared to the ones that had all males in them or if they were older.This movie is different to the ones today because you don’t see very many movies that are just about TV broadcasting. Usually it has some action scenes in them. This movie on other hand is mostly just about this one man that makes this news company so popular just about his madness on television. One reason I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I should or wanted to was because of the action scenes. I enjoy watching movies that have action in them whether it is killing, driving, or racing and so on.

I am more focused on the movie itself because I am interested in watching it. If one watches old movies similar to this one, they will notice that there are not as many interesting scenes in it as the movies that they see present day. In conclusion I thought the movie was an alright movie for being as old as it was. I didn’t expect the movie to be exhilarating as I wish it was. I know that movies like this are not up to date technically.

We watched this movie for a reason, so I know that we can’t watch the movies that we would prefer to watch.