Reaction Paper: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction Essay


In his book Mending the Wounds of Sexual Addiction written by Dr. Mark Laaser he gives us a glance into the life of those addicted to sex. Mark Laaser set out to increase apprehension of sexual dependence as a disease. He leads us to detect how sexual dependence takes over the life of the sexually addicted individual and causes desolation from a Christian universe position. In his book Dr. Laaser examines what he calls the edifice blocks behaviours that begin the rhythm that leads to sexual dependence. and the household kineticss that contribute to sexual dependence. The sexual dependence in the church is addressed along with how the church can retrieve.

Mending the Wounds of Sexual Addiction

Mending the Wounds of Sexual Addiction written by Dr. Mark Laaser ( 2004 ) analyses sexual dependence from a Christian universe position. Dr. Laaser ( 2004 ) is a retrieving sex nut with personal experience of the hurting and shame of sexual dependence. Sexual dependence is described as a illness affecting any type of unmanageable sexual activity ( Laaser. 2004 ) . Unlike other diseases. Christian sex nuts have the added complication of non seeking aid because they feel they will be hated. shunned. laughed at. or punished if anyone knew their wickedness ( Laaser. 2004 ) : nevertheless. as Laaser ( 2004. p. 224 ) stated in his book “while sexual wickedness is lay waste toing. there is hope for healing” .


In his book Mending the Wounds of Sexual Addiction Dr. Mark Laaser ( 2004 ) identifies sexual dependence. the rhythm that causes it. and hope for those who are sexually addicted. His theory of sexual dependence is that it is a disease and immoral. As with all wickedness. it escalates into a downward spiral that if left untreated can do decease to the evildoer. Laaser ( 2004 ) believes although sexual dependence is a wickedness it is besides a disease. This leaves small uncertainty for Dr. Laaser. that “we are engaged in warfare when we attempt to mend sexual dependence ( Laaser. 2004. p. 25 ) . ” He believes the oncoming of sexual dependence consist of edifice block behaviours. these are sexual activities that cause the rhythm of other sexual behaviours.

Laaser ( 2004. p. 29 ) explains “these constructing block behaviours are fantasy. erotica. and onanism. ” These behaviours cause a rhythm where the nut can ne’er happen satisfaction. In this rhythm of sexual dependence. the addict attempts to be in control but can non derive control without mending. As with most wickednesss one time caught in the rhythm of sexual dependence it is impossible to acquire out without aid. I believe that the church is responsible for assisting to mend people who are ill. Merely as a individual with diabetes or any other chronic disease the sexually addicted individual needs a therapist.

Family Dynamicss

Dr. Laaser ( 2004. p. 76 ) discusses the roots to sexual dependence. which he says “begins in households that possess unhealthy kineticss and features. ” One manner families’ express unhealthy kineticss are through boundaries. Boundaries can be excessively loose or excessively stiff. Some households may hold both loose and stiff boundaries. which causes confusion in kids.

Rules are another force at work lending to unhealthy households. Dr. Laaser ( 2004 ) states some households have regulations of behavior that prevent tenseness from acquiring out of control. These regulations are likely ne’er spoken or written down but the whole household knows them. Some of these regulations are non speaking about feelings. jobs or abashing state of affairss. this could be concealing one’s feelings or denying jobs ( Laaser. 2004 ) . The 3rd class that contributes to unhealthy household kineticss are the functions people play in the household unit. These functions can be unhealthy when a individual is forced into playing a function he was non created to play ( Laaser. 2004 ) . The concluding class is dependences. dependences can be substance or behavioural things that have become insistent in an unwieldy manner and lead to destructive effects.

As a kid I grew up in a household that had both loose and stiff boundaries refering sex. I was told sex was something you do non make. besides that it was something you do non talk of. I grew up non cognizing what healthy boundaries were. This helps me to understand how a individual could go sexually addicted. I know I could sympathize with a individual who is sexually addicted. As a Christian I have learned what healthy boundaries are and what my function is as a individual in Christ. I believe that sexual dependence is immoral. but it is besides a disease. I besides believe that an nut can non acquire out of the rhythm of sexual dependence without aid. Therefore as the church we are to be the custodies of Christ making out to assist those who need mending from sexual dependence.

Treatment of Sexual Addiction

When seeing new patients Dr. Laaser ( 2004 ) asks three religious inquiries. The first inquiry is “do you want to acquire good ( pg. 122 ) ? ” He relates this inquiry to the narrative of the adult male at the pool of Bethesda. where Jesus asked the adult male “do you want to acquire well” . The correlativity is that to acquire good the individual must desire to acquire good. They must give up their past hurting and agony to God. and happen alternate ways to happen love and fostering they need. This requires a life-time of find. but it all starts with willingness ( Laaser. 2004 ) . The last two inquiries are “what are you thirsty for ( Laaser. 2004. p. 123 ) ” and “are you willing to decease to yourself ( Laaser. 2004. p. 124 ) . ” The nut must be ready to be healed. be thirsty for God. and be willing to decease to themselves in order to get down the healing procedure.

Dr. Laaser’s intervention besides involves 10 constituents of answerability. Accountability is necessary in order for the nut to keep sexual pureness ( Laaser. 2004 ) . He relates the answerability to the narrative of Nehemiah reconstructing the metropolis that has been destroyed. As in Nehemiah the nut must hold person to be accountable to.

When the nut has agreed to intervention Dr. Laaser recommends at that place be a professional in topographic point to care for them. Harmonizing to Laaser ( 2004 ) there are a turning figure of Christian Counselors trained to give a formal diagnosing. The nut should be taken to this professional instantly to get down intervention.

Dr. Laaser so gives five constituents of intervention of sexual dependence. These include halting sexual behaviour. halting rites. halting phantasy. mending desperation and healing shame. Elementss of all five of these are required for an effectual intervention program ( Laaser. 2004 ) . I believe that larning ne’er ends particularly in respects to human behaviour. I believe I have the empathy and positive respect for a individual that has a sexual dependence to handle them. After working with nuts for a twelvemonth I learned that this disease is accustomed and that it is a rhythm that is non easy broken. It takes forbearance and doggedness to work with an nut. Most of all I believe it take compassion for that individual. Knowing that recovery is a womb-to-tomb procedure and takes a life clip of work.

Sexual Addiction and the Church

A leading Journal study revealed that 23 per centum of 300 curates had done something sexually inappropriate with person other than their partner ( Laaser. 2004. p. 194 ) . There are a assortment of things that contribute to pastors’ sexual exposure. However it is still the duty of the curate to acquire aid and non move on these exposures. In order for the church to mend Laaser ( 2004 ) believes we must convey mending to two groups: primary victims and secondary victims. Primary victims are those who have been sexually abused by leaders. Secondary victims are those in the fold who were betrayed because of religion in the curate. In caring for primary victims Dr. Laaser recommends that the church provide advocators who can steer these victims in the procedure of healing.

The church should supply family to the victims. and reding. Care for secondary victims involves interrupting the silence. the grieving procedure. accommodating the victims to the church. and bar. Prevention involves developing healthy boundaries in the fold in order to forestall lesions. Dr. Laaser has several sentiments in which I agree. One of the most of import parts of mending the church as a whole is to develop healthy boundaries in the church. This would forestall people from being wounded and injuring others.

The church as a whole must mend the curates and the fold. Offer curates help so that they do non go burdened by their occupation. and doing them be accountable to person. I besides agree that we must talk out and non conceal any injudiciousness in the church and when there is an incidence it should be brought out in the unfastened. This would halt culprits from go oning to harm others.


The nut is ne’er wholly cured from sexual dependence. It takes a life-time of work and doggedness to interrupt the forms that cause a individual to be sexually addicted. To retrieve from the trap of dependence a individual has to come to the terminal of themselves and admit they need aid. The shame and fright from their wonts make it difficult for the nut to swear plenty to seek aid. Dr. Laaser stated accepting their impotence over their disease leaves them with a great humbleness and demand for God. which is a deep facet of their religious healing ( p. 223 ) .

Laaser. M. R. ( 2004 ) . Mending the Wounds of Sexual Addiction. Grand Rapids. Myocardial infarction: Zondervan.