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Malacanang has declared February 25 as a special holiday for all schools nationwide. People Power Day or Araw ng People Power is a school holiday. This is in commemoration of the 1986 People Power Revolution. Senator Gregorio Honasan, a former rebel soldier, was one of the major figures in the 1986 EDSA Revolution. As the anniversary of the 1986 EDSA revolution approaches, he thinks that there is no reason yet to “celebrate” its anniversary.

For now, the Philippines can only “commemorate it. “Siguro i-commemorate na lang muna hanggang hindi pa natin nakakamit yung mga tunay na pagbabago,” he told reporters on Tuesday, February 22. Honasan said the promises of good governance and systemic changes that EDSA I sought to bring “are long in coming. ” But he said EDSA I may have inspired or even prompted a wave of popular uprisings in the Middle East. “Ayaw naman nating i-claim yung credit,” he said, “but we have to accept the fact that 25 yearsago, we were state of the art in revolutions.

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Nobody can deny that. ” Honasan is currently pushing for the Freedom of Information Bill in the Senate. In addition, one of the veterans of the Edsa People Power I Revolution vividly recalls his experiences during the historic event that toppled a dictator 25 years ago and restored democracy in the country. and Cesar Sarino one of the officials of the People Power Commission (PPC), narrates how democracy-loving Filipinos converged at Edsa to call for a change in government.