Reader and had come back in Hawaii

Reader Notes – CulminatingChapter 1:   Obama was living in New York between East harlem and Manhattan when he found out that his father had passed away in a car accident.His father was an African, a Kenyan of the Luo tribe, born in Alego and was sent to the university of Hawaii to master western technology and bring it back to help develop Africa.His father had once lifted his friend of the rail because his friend had dropped his pipe while examining it.His father had to deal with an incident where was called out as a black african by a white man during a party, his father had to talk to the man and the white man ended paying for everyone’s drinks, gave Obama Sr. 100, and also paid for his rent for the month.His father wanted to pursue his Phd. at harvard, so due to financial troubles had to leave his wife and son behind.Chapter 2:He found a magazine in the library, while his mother went to do some work, he found a magazine of french children that were playing hide and seek on the cobblestoned street.He then came across a guy who appeared sick from his skin colour and later found that he had chemical treatment because of how much racism he had received from people for being black.His mother was proposed by Lolo, and they both moved to Indonesia.His stepfather Lolo “means crazy in Hawaiian” had told him ” Always better to be strong yourself ” (41), after Barack was beaten up.Lolo trained Barack using boxing to defend himself from any bullies he encounters again.Chapter 3:In Barack’s flashback, his grandmother had a better job than his grandfather at a bank and from her job there had been a delicacy and bitterness between them.Barack was sent to a Punahou Academy after his mother had divorced Lolo and had come back in Hawaii to live with his grandparents. Barack’s teacher had familiar experiences with Kenya, when his grandfather had told her that he was KenyanAfter telling the teacher that he was from the “Luo” tribe, kids in his class mocked and made fun of the word.Obama Sr. had visited for a month near christmas, and was already bossing Barack around, telling him not to watch too much TV and study more.Obama Sr. was invited to speak to Barack’s class and provide them information about his country Kenya.Chapter 4:Barack made a new friend named Ray in high schoolBarack got in an argument with one of the seniors named Kurt, for thinking that they were making fun of them after Ray was just getting along with people. Barack was invited to a party and decided to take his two white friends Jeff and Scott and later asked to be taken home because there were mainly black people at the party.Barack’s grandfather won’t give his grandmother a ride to work because she was almost robbed at the bus stop and she said that the guy was “black” and said that he found that really disrespectful.Chapter 5:Barack and his mother had a talk about one of Barack’s friend getting arrested for drug possession which led to Barack mentioning to his mother that maybe he wanted to stay in Hawaii, take some classes and get a part time job, instead of going to university.He met a girl named Joyce, who was a multiracial and Barack thought that people like her talked about the richness of their multicultural heritage but avoided black people.He met three people while living in his dorms named Reggie, Marcus, and himself and flashbacked to when they were talking about the L.A.P.D. and how they always want to see fear in black people’s eyes while they arrest them.Barack was introduced to a  girl named Reggie by his friend Marcus. that was surprised to find out that Barack was his father’s name and meant blessed in Arabic.During the African National Congress on the campus Barack unexpectedly spoke in front of people about the fairness and injustice between black and white people.Chapter 6:Barack received a letter from his father sharing greetings and love from him and his brothers and sisters in Kenya.Barack had to sleep on the streets of New York when he couldn’t find his friend at the apartment, he slept near a garbage can down the street and joined a man washing himself from a hydrant in the morning.Barack was told that the city at the time was out of control, so in the rough times with a bit of money, he lived like a middle-class black man.Barack wrote to his father’s family in Nairobi in sympathy and asked for them to write back to.Chapter 7:Barack moved to Chicago, and had an idea of organizing on building the larger American community consisting of blacks, white and brown and he also believed that it might, over time, admit the uniqueness of his life.Barack got a call from his sister Auma, after a few days of them planning to meet, saying that her brother David had died in a motorcycle accident and she was heading home.Barack got a call from Marty Kaufman about an organizing drive in Chicago and was looking for a trainee. At night Barack was asked from a young boy, “You know why sometimes the river runs that way and then sometimes this way”. (143)Chapter 8:Barack goes to a barbershop in Chicago and finds out that black people in Chicago have the worst jobs, worst housing, and police brutality treating them.Marty introduced Barack to the co-president of the organization, Will and the three black women of intermediate age; Angela, Mona and Shirley.In the bus, Will tells Barack that a lot of black folks get mixed up in middle class attitudes in churches, they don’t need to follow the letter of Scripture, and make them feel unwelcome everywhere.Barack remembers stories of that his grandparents and mother had told him about hardship and migration, and the drive for a better future.During a meeting Obama is told that the last thing that is needed to do is join up with a bunch of catholic churches and jewish organizers to solve their problems since they weren’t interested. Chapter 9:Barack thought that it was different for black folks, his eagerness to do battle with the downtown power brokers and the investment bankers.Barack and Rafiq, one of his friends, met the president of the chamber of commerce where they found out that he had quit a week ago because he had done his best to organize the local merchants but because of the lack of support he got, he quit.Barack’s team sent a letter to the director of the Mayor’s Office of Employment and Training to invite her to meet with them. At the meeting, barely anyone had shown up but slowly the number increased and the director showed up. She agreed to the expectations asked from her and promised to have a MET intake center in the area within six months.Chapter 10:Barack realizes what Marty had meant when he said that he should move to the center of people’s lives and he remembers Mrs. Crenshaw’s place asking her why she still participated in the PTA. She responded saying that she was forced to stop her education because her family could only afford the education of one person in their family, her brother, who later died during the World War II and her son who couldn’t do anything because he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.Barack’s friend, Ruby, got coloured contacts that reminded him of the time he read the bleaching creams he read about in the magazine.Barack and Rafiq opened an alliance which was struggling because of the DCP leaders because he would interrupt the discussions with long lectures of machinations and black people willing to sell them down the river.Chapter 11:Barack met with his sister Auma at the airport as they drove home, Barack told her about Chicago and New York as an organizer.Auma shared stories at home about her and this guy she met named Otto and how if she married him, she would live in Germany as a foreigner.Barack told her about a women he loved in New York, but later realized that they both were two separate worlds like Kenya and Germany, so he left her.Barack found out that Auma was separated from her mother because in Kenya men get to keep the children after a divorce. Auma told barack about how their father was a big and rich man in Kenya. How he had four brothers; Mark, David, Abo, Bernard and Roy and Auma.After a while, Obama Sr. was reported as a troublemaker to the president and was telling the people that the government was corrupted and was going to ruin the country, which made him lose his job.Obama Sr. became a heavy drinker and came home late at night, he use to scold Roy and Auma, his wife left him and they lived in a rundown house for years. Roy left him and Auma, Auma went to a boarding school and after a while, their father got his job back and everybody started treating with respect again.Chapter 12:The mayor that Rafiq and Barack had invited to cut the ribbon for the new MET intake center, was coming to Roseland. The organization was pending on the records that the parents would like to see, and the director Mr.Anderson had been delaying the time, so the whole organization went to the office with the press.Sadie spoke in front of the cameras, she asked questions and the directors assistant led them into a room where they confirmed the date of the meeting in front of the cameras.On the meeting, in front of around 1000 people Linda asked the director questions and just wanted a yes or no answer. Linda was told not to give him the mike because he might give a long speech and waste the time, so she held the mike up to his face which the director didn’t appreciate and left leaving Linda humiliated on camera and in front of the people.Chapter 13: Barack witnessed a young seventeen year old’s suicide live and as he was about to leave he saw a young kid running from two other kids that were armed with guns and were chasing the boy.Over coffee, Barack and his friend Johnnie discussed about how kids these days are corrupted and compared the present to their past and listed the cons of the kids these days.Barack also thinks about how half the kids are homeless, don’t have anybody to look after them or maybe how their fathers are dead.Ruby’s son Kyle get into a fight at a basketball game with an older man who calls him a punk and Kyle swings at his jaw and drops him.Barack interviewed a guy named Isante who was trying to start a mentorship program for young men at the school. Isante tells them that he exposes students to African history, geography and traditionJohnnie told a story about how his uncles use to make fun of him because he had big dreams and wanted to do something other than what his dad did.Barack fled to Washington D.C. to meet his brother Roy and was amazed of how fat he was and that he was going to divorce his wife soon.The principal that introduced them to Isante, had given Johnnie two resumes of his wife and daughter to be a part of their company.Chapter 14:Reverend Wright the minister of the United Church of Christ  tells Barack that he needs to find a church that will actually support him because the clergy don’t appreciate what the church is about and think that the church is too radical.He says “Life’s tough for a black man in this country, Barack. Never has been. Never will be.”(284)Harold Washington the lawyer and politician died because after he had won reelection and reached out to the Irish and the Polish to make peace.The neighbourhood and the streets were silent, people cried, black people seemed frightened of the future and didn’t know what to do.At a luncheon, the organization discussed strategies for the coming year, training retreat dates, and the to recruit more churches.At a congregation, Barack imagned black people mixing with the stories of Moses and others.Chapter 15: Barack flew to England, and met a young kid in the plane beside him, with whom he talked about travelling to Nairobi and what a beautiful place it was.At the airport, Barack couldn’t find his bags and had to sign a form, he met Miss Omoro who knew Barack’s father.Auma met him afterwards with one of Barack’s aunts Zeituni who was very excited to see him.At a marketplace, Barack met a kid who was selling necklaces and sold one to Barack for his sister, where he found out that there were different prices for Kenyans and White people. His sister stormed out of a restaurant because some of the waiters there were showing them attitudes.Auma had dreams of building a beautiful house on her grandfather’s land so all the people that were staying at Aunt Jane’s house could have their own space.Barack’s goes to the airport again to find his bag, and is told to go to the downtown office, where a guy named Mr. Maturi helped them find it in Johannesburg and deliver it to them. Chapter 16: Bernard, Barack’s little brother came at his door to play basketball at the University Of Nairobi.They talked about how Barack and Auma can help him go to a good trade school since he wanted to do auto mechanics.Barack and Auma were busy going to the invitations that came from uncles, nephews and cousins.Barack thought about how Auma was working really hard to improve her family conditions.Barack met his father’s oldest sister, Sarah, who says that the people he was staying with were telling him lies.Barack left her after putting thirty dollars in her hand after she asked if there was something he could give to her.Zeituni told Barack about how everyone in the family had their eyes on Obama Sr. wealth and that when he needed them, there was no one to help him.They met Obama Sr.’s wife, Ruth, who had left him, and his step-brother Mark, Ruth was very cocky about her luxuries.Chapter 17:Barack went on a safari trip with his sister.He met an Italian, Mauro, a older british couple, the Wilkersons and cook Rafael and also their driver Francis and his sister’s daughter.Francis states, “If more people spoke up, perhaps things might change.”(352)Mr. Wilkerson was born in Kenya and with his wife wanted to spend his life here.The two guards men who each killed a lion to prove their manhood.Roy arrives in Kenya, and announces that he will marry a girl named Amy and start a small business of selling Fabrics and wood carving.Roy told Barack about David’s death and how he died in an accident trying to bail Roy from jail, after a fight broke out.Chapter 18:Barack and his family were travelling to Kisumu in a train. (Kezia, Zeituni, and Auma, Roy, Bernard, and himself, with others in the other cabin)Barack met his uncles Yusuf and Sayid for the first time.They went to a large compound and found saw house with a corrugated-iron roof.He met his granny who was excited to see him.In the house Barack saw his father’s certificates and his photos with his uncles.Barack met his other little brother Abo who he gave a gift of a cassette.Sayid says, “You are right. Diverge from that path and make your own” (391)Chapter 19:Barack made a trip to Home Squared and Sayid and Bernard by bus.He met his grandfather’s sister Dorsila and lived in another village.Barack tasted tea that had been made from the plant that they grew and later found out that it was his grandfather’s recipe since he was a herbalist.His grandfather grew up in Kendu, he worked in other people’s compounds.He married a wealthy families daughter and eventually had 4 wives and many children.Barack cried over his father’s grave, he said that his silence killed his faith and Barack says that the pain his father had felt, he feels it too.