Reading: Mind and American Thriller Fiction Essay

I think reading is the most beneficial activities which human beings can do. Through the reading one can understand the enviroment which surrounds him, can discover inventions and can explain the miracle’s of the world. Many readings help you to be smarter. As proverb goes “Reading makes a full man, meditation a profoundmMan, discourse a clear man”. Reading is not just only information it is also relaxing. As Ricarde Steele said:”Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”. Is it really so? I think it is and in the following paragraphs I will give my points of views.

I used to read books from my childhood, and it was habit for me at that time. At that time there was not an internet,computers and the main electricity due to electricity fact we could not watch TV so much in the south part of our country. Books were really too beneficial for me. They improved my ability to think and changed my outlook to the world. From each book I learned something new and tried to apply to my daily life. Every book brought with itself much information, smartness, and wiseness. Teachers could easily see difference between pupils who read books and who did not.

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Pupils who read more books were more creative and smarter than those who did not read them. When I read art books I isolate myself from surrounding world. Reading brings me relaxation, I forget my problems and stresses, just focus on events and heroes of the book, use my imagination to create heroes’ faces and the details of the places which mentioned in the book. While reading I am a traveller, a doctor, a policeman, a king, a lover and so on. Impressions, excitement and thinking do not leave me after reading for a long time.

That is why I can easily highlight that depending on imagination and describing of author, reading may influences even to the dreams, to the outlook and life style of the readers. For instance I do have many acquaintances who became atheist after reading Dan Brown- an american thriller fiction author’s books. I want also to mention that below above mentioned reading is also exercise for brain, it makes to mind to think hard, improve and enrich our thinking, One can not be wise without books, the majority of scientists are great readers.

For instance,though we can not imagine our lives without new technology, without reading and understanding the scinece of physics people could not invent TV, computer or internet. As reading improves the way of thinking, it also helps to create new invention. For example, Dmitri Mendeleev dreamed his invention of periodic table of chemical elements. The more he read the more he thought and as he thought everytime he even dreamed about it.