Reading Response Paper Essay

Danny Nonzero Reading Response paper 3/2/2014 Mica Mints The Idea of civil forfeiture would seem outdated unless you were part of its sweeping experience. After reading such a story, I think it is unfair, obscured, and a way of America that people do not see. Although it seems ridiculous it does seem to have both negative and positive impacts. Civil forfeiture seems to keep law enforcement agencies running and fund their wants more than needs.

The ability to seize money and use it for your agency along with the ability to seize houses and valuable items alike only to then sell it back to a citizen of your district or use it for the company seems like an unfair way of doing business. It keeps local law enforcement up to date with the latest technologies along with the specialized trained teams to use the technologies properly. This gives law enforcement the upper hand on drug dealers and other criminal activities. Another positive attribute to civil forfeiture is the possible opportunities it brings to the community.

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Citizens can purchase items at an otherwise impossible price if bought at a retail price. It provides jobs to the community in law enforcement, law offices, and public services. One final possible positive characteristic of this law is the fear it puts into their citizens and mostly, the offspring of citizens. This law is so dreadful that parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and other friends and family will look јice at any possible illegal activity happening on their reporter (if they knew about the law).

This would create a much healthier and friendly neighborhood if citizens were always looking twice and ridding/ correcting the bad blood. These are some possible positives of civil forfeiture, it is not worth the negatives it brings along. This law takes no pity for excuses or situations and puts even the innocent out of homes and money even for the slightest of crimes when enforcing civil forfeiture. It does more damage than good. It creates unfaithful citizens due o the fact that the law is unfair and dangerous.

A lot of the instances where this law has been enforced happen to those who are most dumbfounded by what is going on. It puts families in turmoil and distances relationships. Overall, it is not a fair way of upholding the law and is clearly a way of making money. Under this view, only a corrupt officer would find this fair. In the end, it is not a fair form of deterrence and punishment. It may be an effective way of deterrence but is most certainly not the right ay to rehabilitate citizens, especially considering that they are most likely innocent.

Most importantly, it is not a fair way Of punishment. No one deserves to have their home taken away and their life put in shambles due to a crime that they may or may not have committed before they have even been convicted of that crime. Certainly if the district is bribing you saying that all your problems will go away if you just give them your belongings, it is not a fair way of justice at all and your problems will only start to begin.