Reading Response: Social Stratification Essay

Reading Response: Social Stratification            Society, as a topic, is definitely not one that is simplistic and straightforward.

In relation to this, it is not surprising at all to learn of the positive and negative aspects of theories on social stratification as discussed throughout the reading. The functionalist perspective being problematic upon highlighting the concept of fate as well as the limitations of conflict theorists in providing appropriate explanations on reward discrepancies are without doubt expectable; furthermore, even the opportunity theory is limited by its refutable consideration of timing and location. However, while the social stratification theories are far from perfect and all encompassing, it should be taken note that such concepts are in essence still theories. Basically, theories are placed under continuous scrutiny so as to improve it or to develop novel concepts which may serve as better explanations to societal phenomena.            As noted in the reading, while some aspects of each theory may be questionable, there are also points wherein such theories are undeniably correct.

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In this sense, it is necessary to understand that scholars, scientists, and even students should all continuously comprehend and assess social stratification theories not by emphasizing either limitations or praiseworthy aspects alone but through an integrative and unbiased manner. This way, cases wherein applying one theory over another, to explain a certain scenario, may be completed in a more suitable manner. Also, as mentioned, the process of gaining new thoughts and insights in explaining the occurrence of social stratification would also benefit from an unbiased consideration of each theory.

Hence, the authors of the reading are truly successful in pointing out that there is some truth to the explanations provided in each theory; upon which greater truths may eventually be gained or based upon, leading to breakthroughs in explaining social stratification.