Recently blend into the crowd as much as

Recently I sat down with
my mom to talk about her college experience. Kara attended The University of
Georgia from 1988 to 1992. She was a timid, quiet, curious student. She liked
to blend into the crowd as much as possible. Going to college was a new slightly
scary experience. She was striving to gain independence and navigate the world
on her own.

    College was the start of her independence.
She was completely on her own and had to deal with obstacles that would head
her way. While her parents were providing her with money and paying for her
school expenses, she had to manage them. “There’s a lot more to college than
just academics. College is teaching students how to navigate the real world”
said by Kara. From the moment she left for college, she has become more
independent than ever.

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    Kara had a friend during college, Shannon,
whom was a year older than her. As she was graduating she had everything
planned out. She was getting engaged, going to graduate school, and moving to a
new apartment. Kara was very impressed because she was prepared and ready for
the real world. Shannon was her role model. She looked up to her and wanted to
be prepared just like her.

A major coming of age
moment Kara experienced was when she bounced a check. Kara was a sophomore in
college and decided she wanted a companion. She went to the pet store and
picked out a brown fuzzy bunny. To purchase her bunny, she wrote a check to the
store. 2 weeks later, she received her bank statement, in the mail. In bold,
black print an insufficient fee posted for twenty-five dollars. She gasped out
of surprise. She read further down the statement to find her check to, Crazy’s
Critters, had been returned. So, the next day Kara went to the bank. The
customer service representative sat down with her and went over her check book
and bank statement. The kind, helpful lady taught her how to reconcile her bank
statement. In the process, Kara learned that she needs to adjust her balance
after every transaction.  She said, “It
was a learning experience and was a coming of age moment”. She learned from her
mistake, and never bounced another check.

Another challenging
coming of age moment was when she got in a minor car accident. She was a little
south of campus and was coming home from work. When a lady ran a red light and
totaled her faded, orange Beatle. Then a wrecker came and took away her car. No
one was hurt, but now she had no car. A month later she awoke in the middle of
the night and realized she had never cleaned out her car. She had to learn where
her car was taken. Once she figured it out, she went to the auto salvage yard
and cleaned out her car. That was her first time dealing with the police and
her insurance company.

College formed Kara to be
an independent successful woman. Kara’s advice on how to have a successful life,
“Pay attention, try hard, and learn from your mistakes”. After a bumpy start to
life on her own, she gained enough knowledge from both school and life
experiences to become an efficient, productive adult.