Recruitment and Selection Essay

Unit 13 Recruitment and Selection Task 3 M1 Compare the purposes of the different documents used in selection and recruitment process of a given organisation * When comparing, you will need to compare the different documents with each other in the context of vacancy and note the different types of information and how it will be used in the process Letter: Letters are used by people applying for the job vacancy, they use it to decide whether they are suitable for the job role or not. Applicants can use a letter to point out any special skills they may have that may make them suitable for the job also making them stand out from the rest.Applicants have to use the job role description and person specification when pointing out their certain strengths so that an employer can match them to the job. Application form: Application forms are what ask for a standard set of questions and boxes to be finished.

This makes it less complicated for the business to compare candidates. Application forms ask set questions and information and therefore will avoid the employer reading information that they do not need to know. Paper based documents may take time and expenses to be sent out, and then will need to be processes and put into a system to compare them.This could take a long time. Online forms have the advantage of doing this automatically. Caution should be taken will online application forms to make sure that they are finished using suitable English and non ‘text language’, as this may not give the correct impression to the employer.

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Th D1 Evaluate the usefulness of the documents in the interview pack for a given organisation in facilitating the interview process. * To evaluate means to make judgements that are being used by an organisation * Write about what makes them useful and not so useful. * Overall, how useful are they and how could they be improved?