Recruitment policy aimed Essay


The list below in conformity to their header should supply a short, brief and disconnected item of the said enlisting policy aimed for content writer/Internet research associate/Subject Matter Expert [ English ]


Job Title:

Contented Writer [ Subject affair expert ] , English /Content Writing

Desired Profile:

  • Campaigners with a good bid over the English linguistic communication
  • We are looking for fecund campaigners sooner, post-graduates/graduates in English Language/ Literature or any in that bracket.
  • A campaigner with a genius for authorship, and showing lucidity of ideas is an absolute must.
  • A campaigner who can understand and catch the constructs and form their ideas into well-drafted articles/essays, which should needfully supply the needed information to the readers in an interesting mode, is largely desirable.
  • A campaigner with a lucidity of idea, critical thought, rational capacity, good analytical accomplishments, and ability to organize/structure study as per with our client specification is really of import.
  • Campaigners who are comfy with the usage of cyberspace research tool, MS Office, etc

Key Role and duties:

  • Content Writing, Editing and Proof reading
  • Writers are expected to compose essays/reports/articles as per the assignments guideline given to them from clip to clip.
  • Internet research for relevant stuff from the net, academic articles, books, diaries etc, to back up and warrant an aim and good written academic paper.
  • Essays/articles/reports must be original, logical/factual, information rich, zero grammatical mistakes and most significantly good researched documents.
  • Self rating, cogent evidence reading and redacting are expected from campaigners in regard of their work before subjecting for concluding resort.
  • We are interested to work with professionals committed to their work, its moralss and most significantly deadline oriented people in presenting assignments on-time.


A Thank you note from ASARDpt for showing you willingness to use and responds for the specified occupation and vacancy in our office based in GURGAON.

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As a first measure to the enlisting procedure and our choice process, ASARDpt and its affiliates prefer that you take the trial below volitionally and to show your best ego in Hagiographas on any two topics/questions from the provided 2 list below [ General and English Questions ]

Desirably, we trades in General content authorship, Management Curriculum and nucleus Academic documents for our clients. Campaigners with a blend of head in the mentioned sphere, and willingness to set about any such assignments in the class of his/her office with us are welcomed to take the trial, which should assist us measure your authorship manners.

GENERAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS [ Select any 1from the three lists of inquiries below, Stick to the word counts ]

  1. ASARDpt is committed to prolonging genuinely planetary content for its clients. What are the ends you are committed to and why? How do you as a author in your ain category envision in lending to these ends? [ 750 words ]
  2. How will the combination of you past experience and the ASARDpt place you in this new chance?
  3. How will your squad member benefits from your presence in ASADDpt?


  1. Write a brief essay on the relationship between fiction and socio-political conditio
  2. Remark of the current position of English in India, its Hagiographas, and the non-literary cultural signifiers in popular civilization such as, Internet civilization, TVs Programme, Advertisements, Films, etc. Second, Expand your analysis to literary signifier and their usage in major intelligence paper in India, such as TOI, HT, ET etc to call a few.
  3. Illustrate in your point of positions the significance and term of squad work? .
  4. International business/Global concern


  • Please note that your write-ups in articles/essays will be subjected to plagiarism and grammatical cheque, truth in punctuation, etc, and should be clearly formatted in a concise mode and should be your original written work
  • Reader friendly essays/articles, and usage of easy apprehensible English linguistic communication is a must.
  • You can confer with for mention any figure of web sites or literary articles, books, diaries or any in that capacity. However the concluding data format of reports/essays/articles should most needfully be in your ain words.

Thank you for taking clip out in finishing the trial. In instance you are selected and shortlisted among the list of appliers, we will shortly acquire in touch with you shortly.

Question that should help measuring Personality trait in Writings/expressive format of the English linguistic communication [ optional ]

  1. State us something that you have done to better yourself, either ways in your professional and personal enterprise.
  2. State me about a clip when you have to accommodate by accepting or understanding the position of people different from yourself.
  3. Discourse a individual, event or experience that has significantly shaped your life so far and explicate why?
  4. What are the 2/3 features that have driven your calling success therefore far? Do you hold other strength that you would wish to take purchase in the hereafter?
  5. Why did you wanted to prosecute calling in Hagiographas, apart from the many available chances elsewhere? Explain why this calling option entreaties to you? Why it is an chance at this clip?
  6. Describe a failure that you have experienced. What function did you play and what did you larn about yourself? [ 750 ]
  7. Give us an illustration of a clip when you solved a complex place. [ 750 words ]
  8. What countries do you wish to develop in order to go a more effectual leader? [ 750 words ]
  9. What does leading means to you? What are the personal features and accomplishments required to be an effectual leader? Supply one specific illustration of when you demonstrated leading accomplishments. [ 750 words ]


Dear Candidates, delight note that we are non subjective in measuring your penchant. However, the undermentioned brief inside informations from your terminal should assist us analyse your authorship manners and penchants in the specific domain/niche/subject affair.

Please take some clip to make full up the questionnaire for our squad to measure the same.

  1. Please supply a background inside informations on the Topic or Subjects or a peculiar Niche in which you are most comfy to compose, and most significantly to show in concise and clear English linguistic communication composing
  2. Please supply any one peculiar Topic or Subjects or a Niche in which you are non comfy. Either it can be fiscal authorship, originative authorship etc.
  3. Subjected to specific word counts, how many articles can you compose per twenty-four hours ( minimal 1000 words academic article ) ? In regard of 8 concern working hours! !

Choose the Topics below in which you are comfy, among the list of penchants

  1. Article composing
  2. Imperativeness release
  3. Blog composing
  4. Website content composing
  5. Technical authorship
  6. Finance related articles or reappraisal
  7. Website reappraisals
  8. Academicians paper reappraisal
  9. Scholarly Hagiographas
  10. Movie reappraisal
  11. Creative authorship

ADVANTAL ARDpt POLICY that should be applicable to authors after the hiring procedure [ proposal ]

Subjecting to your employment with us, keeping the office of Subject Matter Expert in content authorship, the followers should be clear to you: –

  1. Maximal 8 Working Hours during the twenty-four hours displacement. 5 working yearss in a hebdomad. Saturday and Sunday are hebdomadal off.
  2. Employee set abouting the place during normal on the job hours are expected to present the best possible work, and on clip bringing within the stipulated deadlines provided to them as per with assignments.
  3. Punctuality in go toing office and purely adhering to company policy is expected at all clip.
  4. In conformity with composing accomplishments and experience, remuneration/salary besides will be decided, agreed and compensated likewise.

Finally, delight take note that if you are agree to working with us on the aforesaid footings and status, we will be anticipating your good ego to adhere to the followers: –

As a content author with, Advantal Services: Academic Research Dep’t, plus its functions and duties, we expect the following from you during your office as a author: –

Professional authorship is an extension of your duties. Therefore, clear, concise and lucid authorship in effectual at most times. Written paper should be prepared with due attention. Mentioning other plants right accurately is a must. Bibliography/reference paragraph should be placed at the terminal of the paper.

  1. Intellectual belongings right of paperss vest with our clients, and with ASARDpt at its discretion
  2. Contented quality should be high and is a must at all clip
  3. Willing and comfy to compose content on nucleus Academic paper that are educational in nature.
  4. Written content should be, original, scholarly in mentality with zero grammatical mistakes.
  5. Though we do n’t follow any peculiar data format manners, but authors are expected to adhere to client guidelines and arrange their content consequently.
  6. Concise, to the point, and truth in the usage of in-text commendation, paraphrasis and other bibliography stuffs as per with the international criterions and composing regulations applicable is really critical. [ Preferably, APA and MLA standardisation ]
  7. Should be able to develop reader friendly article/essays/reports aimed at general audience, a instead different attack from web-content authorship. Able to show ideas in crystal clear Hagiographas.
  8. Plagiarized free paper. By plagiarism free paper, we meant non to discourage utilizing of citing stuff, either from the web site or otherwise ; nevertheless authors should observe that when utilizing other work or the capable already discussed, specific commendation and right referencing at the terminal of the content paper in any one instance is an absolute must.
  9. Qualitative and quantitative usage of analytical tool in arranging a report/essays/article.
  10. Concise usage of the semantics, because different words means different thing to different people.
  11. Avoid usage of slangs every bit much as possible.