Recycling and Trash Essay

Trash can be classified by where it goes, recycled, donating, compost, and landfill. Recycling is a way to use trash to an environmental advantage. Hi5 allows people to redeem 5 cents for a beverage container. Hi5 recyclables include aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles. Hi5 was made to prevent beverage containers from ending up in the waste stream or as litter in the community.

Recycling is economically beneficial category of trash. Donating trash makes people feel good. Donating trash is a gift from the heart.The saying “one man’s trash could be another’s treasure” expresses that even though it’s worthless to you it could mean a lot to others who are not as fortunate. Knowing that you have helped others will boost your confidence level. Donating is a good way to get rid of worthless trash. Compost is trash that can be used for fertilizer.

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Compost is leftovers and it doesn’t cost extra money to make it. Twenty four percent of all the solid waste is yard trimmings and food waste that could be diverted from the landfills by composting. Ingredients for compost may include coffee grounds, bread, crushed eggs, fruit scraps, and hair.Do not compost feces, dairy product, diseased plants, fish fat, and bones. Compost replaces mulch, plant food, and fungicide.

Instead of wasting food scraps, turn it into compost. Landfill is one of the easiest places to get rid of trash. If the trash is not recyclable, donated, or compost material, then just throw it away. It is good to just get rid of the junk that piles up at home. If it is worthless it will be at the landfill. Throw away your trash at the Landfill. Trash can be recycled, donated, composted, or taken to the landfill, but in the end trash is trash.