Reflection on Vietnam During the 1950’s and

Reflection on Vietnam During the 1950’s and 1960’s, Americans were afraid of the threat of Communists in the United States, known as the “Red Scare.”  Therefore, the United States fought wars to stop communism from spreading, especially in Asia.  During the early 1950’s, Vietnam was going through a time of revolution.  The Vietnamese were fighting for their independence against the french and won it in 1954.  The country resulted into a division between North Vietnam becoming communist while South Vietnam became non-communist.  Although there was a division in Vietnam, it was evidential that the idea of communism was mostly favored all around Vietnam.  With Americans believing in the “Red Scare” and the “Domino Theory” (the theory that communism in one country will cause a similar mentality into a neighboring country) the United States decided to enter Vietnam, and support South Vietnam from the North Vietnam.  With the United States military having more advanced technology and weapons than the Northern Vietnam, many believed that United States would easily win the war.  However, after twenty years of war it became clear the United States had lost the war.   The United States was so concern with the rise of communism in Vietnam and the effects it would causes, that the United States did anything to defeat the idea of communism in Vietnam.  The United States government caused many American lives and money in a war that didn’t have anything to do with the United States.  The United States basically entered Vietnam to get involved and fix the problems in the country of Vietnam; which now sounds ridiculous.  Nevertheless, the result for the United States entering Vietnam caused the lives of many young Americans.  In fact, forced many young adults to go to war through the Selective Service System.  The Selective Service System of the United States drafted roughly about 25%(648,500) of the total U.S. soldiers that participated in the war, aging from 18-25.  With the United States military needing more soldiers, it didn’t matter your race or color, every American fought together.  This made the military diverse filled with mixed races and mix ideas about race.  Hundreds of thousands of men came together to fight in Vietnam which was somewhat able to improve race relations in the United States.  Therefore, many American soldiers were not willing to make a commitment into winning the war.  With the reason that about 25% were forced to enter the war they did not agree with.  While on the other hand, North Vietnam had the advantage of fighting in their own soil.  The Vietnamese were fighting on their own soil and knew the right places to fight, like the jungles and underground tunnels.  That is why even though the United States military had more weapons, bombs, and missile; it didn’t strongly affect the Vietnamese army like they expected to.  In addition, with communism rising in South Vietnam, known as the Vietcong, it was harder for the United States army to determine whos is whose side.  Making American soldiers killing innocent people and invading innocent neighborhoods. Plus, with the rise of television many Americans back home, saw soldiers either dying or harshly killing Vietnamese people.  Causing an anti war movement across the United States and a division between Americans back home.  Some Americans believed the United States had to fight communism in Vietnam; while many others believed that the United States should step out of Vietnam.  Finally in 1969, Richard Nixon stated to bring back American soldiers back home; however, increased bombings in North Vietnam and in the country of Cambodia.  With the media portraying the American soldiers as villains in the war, when the soldiers returned they were torn apart by Americans.  There weren’t any forms of celebrations for the soldiers returning home nor any type of parades.  Instead, were looked down upon with shame and anger by Americans since they were portrayed as the enemies of the Vietnam war.  American soldiers also suffered adopting back into a regular lifestyle back home.  During the war, many American soldiers were given drugs to numb the pain, physical and mentality.  Many American soldiers were coming home without a leg, arm, or seriously injured.  Soldiers witness there friends being killed in front of them.  Therefore when the soldiers came back home, they not only faced anger from society, but faced emotional problems and addiction.  Overall the United States government could have avoided all the drama they had caused by entering Vietnam.  Americans were to self-center about the fear of the “red scare” and the “domino effect” that they didn’t care what they did unless they stop the idea of communism.  Therefore, forced the United States government into entering Vietnam to hold the line against the Communists.  Costing the lives of nearly 58,220 American soldiers and about 627,000 innocent civilians of vietnam.  After the United States decided to pull out of the war in 1973, North Vietnam was able to conquer all of Vietnam, making it a communist country.  Therefore, led Americans think that the United States spended $168 billion for no reason.  Making the American people more skeptical about the government and the credibility of presidents.  With that said, the United States clearly did not win the Vietnam War.