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RESEARCHREFLECTION REPORT(should contain the details given below)| Please type your responses in the spaces below:| Marks available| Research Methods & ProcessesHow and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major Project? How would you describe these to:1) a reader of your Major Project and/or2) a future employer(max. 50 words)| The selection of the topic is based upon the interestOf conducting the research on an organization’s future sustainability and feasibility along with the competitive advantage and strategies to proceed in the market against other competitors. For the purpose of that Apple Inc. has been selected because of their market position and competitiveness over others. Their selection is being made due to their market share and innovative products.They are successful in developing their strategies through innovative and technological advanced products. Research work is different way of analyzing or collecting the data which is different from makingAny report on any topic.

So, for the sake of thisI considered all the aspect about the research and selected this topic and organization. Selecting of Apple was an attempt to collect the information about the organization due to its market existence over the world.The method that has been selected was qualitative research method which allows the researcher to collect the data in large amount and use it according to the requirement of the study and develop the relevancy of data with the topic. Qualitative research method is meant to focus on the quality of data rather than the quantity; it ensures the research credibility and reliability of the data and helps the author to present it in a descriptive way to develop the analysis section.This method allow the author to collect the secondary data which is related to the selected topic which include the articles, journals, books, internet sources and others sources as well. This research report is being develop inConsideration with the market external factors because these factors creates hurdles in the progress of the organization if they are capable of ensuring it well ahead of time. These factors are considered as the alarming factors for the organizational progress. | 15| The reader will be get benefited from this reportBecause it follows a set pattern which will never make the reader lost in understanding the discussion and scenarios that has been discussed in detail.

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The theories that are being used in this report can be used as the future references and findings can alsoBe used in conducting the future researches related to this topic particularly with the selected organization. Reader will be able to understand the selected organization threats, weaknesses, opportunity, threats and other external factors along with the market forces that hinder the organizational progress.The future employers can take the recommendation to modified their strategies with this help because in the digital industry every organization can be benefited with therecommendations because it is the general suggestion has been made for the organizations particularly for Apple Inc. Employers can also be benefited by the analysis because it includes all the market forces, external factors and other features that can be beneficial for them. | | Literature ;amp; sources1) What are the most important theories/literature sources/evidence sources which you are using to justify your research and your Major Project? ) Why are these sources important and fundamental to your work? (max.

550 words)| I have studied thoroughly by visiting library,internet sources, journals, articles and other material to get the idea about the prior research work withThe relative topic of the study. The main sources from which author was able to collect the data are follows researchers:Anderson, J. C ;amp; Narus, J. A (1998) Business Marketing: Understand what customer’s value, Harvard Business Review. Gonzalez-Vega, C. , Schreiner, M. Meyer, R.

L. , Rodriguez-Meza, J. , and Navajas, S.

(1997). BancoSol: The challenge of growth for microfinance organizations. In H.

Schneider (Ed. ), Microfinance for the poor 129-170, Paris: OECD. Richard Gershon, The Transnational Media Corporation: Global Messages and Free Market Competition (Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1997), 11.

Johnson S. D. 2009. Apple Success Secrets. Traditional Marketing, Humburg, Diplomica Verlag GMBH, Germany. Jeffrey S. Young, William L.

Simon, 2005. Con: SteveJobs, the greatest second act in the history of| 15| | The above authors have done great deal of research in the similar topic and after reading their researchwork author has selected these researcher as theirmain inspiration for conducting the study. They all discussed about the market strategies, competitiveness, innovation and competing by values. Same features are the biggest motivation that helped me to collect the data on this topic and follow the research guidelines to pursue it with the full conviction and authority.

These sources were the primary selection for conducting the study because I was influenced by their work and research which they have given in the articles, books and research papers which supported for the development of this report. It was a difficult period of collecting the information about the researchers who has conducted the study prior in the similar field but luckily these researcher made this report easy due to their authentic and reliable work. So, their contribution in making this research study successful is vital.The organization which author has selected was renowned so, there is no room for using the fake information or produce any statement which contradict with the original statement, so I was very precised with all the material and data which has been used to develop the study along with the data ethics which includes credibility and reliability has been ensured. .| | Your KnowledgeWhat key areas of knowledge have you gained from undertaking your research and the Major Project?Indicate why these are so important to you? (max. 400 words)| This report is full of data and theories that areimportant for the development of this type of study. It is very important to know about every aspect of the data which is being used in this study.

The important features or areas which were undertaken were strategic tools and the literature of the study. The strategic tool develops the understanding about the organizational competitive strategies and its external factors.It is important to understand about the strategic tools namely such as PESTEL, Porter five forces and SWOT. Every tool has different usage and gives different information it depends upon the author how they perceive about these tools.

PESTEL is the tool which gives the external environment factors that are not in control of the organization and give the organization an idea about developing the strategies to avoid these factors in future while SWOT analysis| 10| gives the idea about the internal and external factor for the organization ecause in this tool organization can asses internally and can be benefited by the outside factors as well but for that they have to assess their capabilities and lacking that can create hurdles In future for them. While external factors give idea of taking advantage of the market and grabbing the opportunity to enhance their organizational performance and make business progressive with these threats warn for the organization to avoid future hurdle and manage them well ahead of time. Porter’s five forces give the opportunity to analyze the organizational competitive position and develop the competitive strategies for future.In this report I have used all three tools and considered important for the study because the aim of the study was to analyze the organizational sustainability and feasibility of future and highlight organization issues that they are having against the market external factors. All the analysis tools that have been used in this report were important for the study.

Your LearningWhat are the most important aspects/examples of learning and/or skills which you have gained from:(1) undertaking the MBAprograme,(2) following through your research, and(3) applying your knowledge and what you have learnt in your Major Project(max. 00 words)| I have gained lot of knowledge by conductingthis study and it was the opportunity for me to understand the theory better by implementing it in the real world. If consider the MBA programe so, it was beneficial because it enhanced my view of understanding and think with a different perspective. The course outline of the MBA has enabled me to understand about the every subject that is associated with the market and especially managing the business.I have studied different courses and every course has its utility and way of learning in such as way; strategic management has given a different perspective in the study time and now by developing the report which was research based. The among theoretical knowledge was gathered by that time there was no practical implementation was not available so, after developing the research report I was able to understand the market and the tools that has been developed for analyzing the factors of the market and use in the real world organization.

Research was the basis which has changed the thinking ability of the researcher because it is an important report which utilized all the knowledge which was studied in the early phase of MBA and now it’s time for application which was very helpful in developing the research study report. It is a difficult task for me to use the knowledge into the practical world because this required particular skills and knowledge to prepare the study. Utilizing knowledge in a proper manner and developing the research perspective scenario is essential for the author and the research report.Conducting a research study like this was an uphill task if author does not have any knowledge about the different subjects like marketing, management and others because every subject contributed in understanding the terminologies and its particular design in order to develop the study. | 10| Critical Thinking and your ideasIn carrying out your research, your analysis, your evaluation of evidence, and in identifying or proposing conclusions, what has been the most important discovery, or piece of evidence, or theory, or viewpoint, or critical idea, or| The whole research study was a different experience.

It will be difficult to say that one or two particular things that gave me the knowledge and understanding but In real, the whole study was linked together. The most difficult section was the analysis and then driving out the findings from it because it requires ability of understanding the whole scenario of the market and then apply the tools that will help to conduct that analysis section of the study. | 10| .

critical addition to your knowledge,or other item of importance and why? max. 400 words)| Analysis requires particular instincts and experience to put the knowledge by taking care of all the relevant factors that are required to produce a quality work. Analysis is being done with the help of secondary data and theoretical knowledge was used in conducting the critical analysis.

Analysis can be done normally or using the critical aspect makes it more interesting and attractive for the reader which shows the author command and concreteness about the subject and words.It is necessary to use the critical views in the analysis section because it develops the understanding about the collected data and author view about conducting research. Being critical is an important feature for the author in this study and it is important because author has understood the whole study properly and utilized its knowledge to produce a quality research work in the shape of this report. Strategic tools were the best find to use it in the study because it contains all the information that is relevant for the analysis and make the report effective.

The analysis section is based upon the strategic tool analysis in which author has given its own views that will be critical because of the secondary data and current situation of the market along with the organization. | | Barriers metWhat were the main difficulties and barriers which you were faced with in:(1) undertaking your research, and| I have faced large number of difficulties before and after the project. At the initial level the difficult thing was the selection of the topic and organization.After thorough research and getting the information author has selected the topic because lack of knowledge about the selection of topic and conducting the research report. After| 10| (2) Completing your Major project (max. 400 words) Understanding all the critical point and developing the awareness made the decision easy and successful.

The reason I have faced difficulty in collecting the data is because it requires time and thorough study about the topic along with the required feature for the report.It was difficult because data relevancy was an issue and for the different articles, journals and books have been gone through to identify the right literature that should be helpful in analyzing the research study. The difficulty which I faced during the study was the selection of the data because the organization is well renowned and well reputed to selecting the important facts about the organization was important otherwise report will be only informative without important and unique information or data which makes the report unique and distinguishable for the reader.I have overcome all the difficulties and barriers that arise in the project. Time was a barrier for me because this report could be much better than this but time constraints has restricted the efforts towards collecting the data, in this project author has focused only on the secondary data and did not consider the primary data. Primary data gives the current information and knowledge because it gathers the information from the employees of the organization while secondary data gives the theories and already researched knowledge.Primary data collection was not considered because the time for conducting the research study was short and project has to meet the deadline.

Your Professional DevelopmentWhat are the most important business and/or management skill(s) or academic idea(s) or lesson(s) which you have learntFrom undertaking your research and your Major Project – and why? (400 words)| This research study has given great knowledge to me because this study was based upon the thoroughly study and dedication of work.Before conducting this study I had no idea about the research there was only a theoretical aspect was there not such a professional way of conducting the research. The skill which author has realized and developed during this study was selection of relevant data, critical analysis and extracting recommendation from the overall study. I have learnt that how the data is being collected and then selection about the relevant data is most important feature in the research study because without selecting the right data research report cannot be developed.So, the most important task was to collect the right data for the right research for that different libraries, journals and different author articles were considered and finally selected some material from previous researchers and others. The other important features which was very important for was the critical analysis on the gathered data and using the strategic tools to find out the organization feasibility and current position in the market.

I have used all the data in the tools that were used in developing the analysis of the study.Utilization of data with the help of strategic tool and my own views about the organizational performance and its current market position. In last, the recommendations are the important feature to give because it gives the reader and understanding that the author has gone through with all the necessary requirement of producing the quality work and in the end I have suggested the recommendation that are extracted from the overall study. It means I have monitored or gathered the organizational information which has given the idea to suggest something for thebetterment of its future performance.All the parts of this report have given much information and knowledge which will be helpful in future. This report experience will carry in the future employment as well because in the practical life author will be using this experience to pursue its future in the analyst field. | 10| ObjectivesBased on your research and the work which you have done in the MBA Programmed and its use in your Major Project, what were and| I have gathered all the knowledge with the help of MBA studied courses.The research work is new for me because previously there was no background and I did not have enough knowledge about conducting the research work.

| 10| how far have the objectives of yourMajor project been achieved? (max. 450 words)| It is important at the moment that research work has been done with the academic literature that is available in the academic books and especially the experience of collecting the data and developing the ability to conduct the analysis. I was able to do this study because theoretical knowledge was available and then this knowledge was converted into the practical one.I had to set the objectives at every step of collecting the data and initiating the project and at the end of this study it was achieved successfully. Same consideration was given to the project and in the first chapter I have developed the objectives for the study which is going to be achieved during the research study. I developed the objectives on the basis of the research problem and case brief which are required to be achieved with the help of secondary data and analysis tools. I covered all the objectives by following strictly and not a single word is out of the context of this study.It was focused that study should be remained in the limits of the objectives that has been set to achieved so for the sake of that I used the strategic tools and derived the findings and finally in the conclusion section all the findings were relates to the objectives of the study that were matched and on the basis of that recommendations were prepared and proposed to the organization and for the reader as well.

| | Findings & outcomesHow useful and/or feasible are the findings, recommendations, conclusions, or outcomes of your Major Project to you and/or to a future Employer?You must justify your answer with specific examples. (max. 450 words)| The selected case study was based on AppleInc. everyone knows about it and therefore, I have given the special attention towards the project because anyone can point out the faults if the information or the data is used wrongly. The findings were drawn on the basis of the strategic tools and every word belongs to the organizational perspective and presented in the context of the organization. I used the atest information about the organization and used the secondary data from the authentic sources which makes the every section of the report more relevant and related to the current position.

The strategic tools that have been used in this study can be measured by conducting the same study with the help of selected researcher work. The report feasibility and usefulness can be measured with the help of used literature and researcher work. I have gathered the information that is authentic and important for the study and then I gathered all the secondary data and used it in the analysis. 10| | In the analysis section I used the personal skills and ability to make it critical and extracted the findings which are the main feature for the study. Findings include all the aspect whether they are doing good, maintaining good position, competitive advantage or others. Findings of the study enable me to understand the whole study properly and then go for the conclusion and in the last section it is important to relate the study objectives with the conclusionand use the personal ability and skills to develop thissection.If the author is failed to relate the objectives of the study in the conclusion then research study will not make any sense to the reader because it will be a report then.

It is important to meet the research criteria properly because findings based upon the analysis and findings that helps the author to develop the conclusion. Conclusion helps the author to develop the recommendation for the organization on the basis of research findings. I am confident that given findings, conclusion and even recommendation are meant to give the idea about the research report credibility and it should be feasible in future as well. | | TOTAL| | 100|