Reflections on Child Development Essay

Reflection on Applied Development Kiandra McLean 5/30/2010 Child Development Katie Bradd Reflection on Applied Development There are several ways in which behavior can be viewed. I personally believe that it is important for teachers to have behavior boundaries in order to maintain a successful classroom. It is important for me, as a teacher to provide opportunities for a child’s behavior to develop appropriately. Behaviorism focuses on events that are observed and responses influenced by specific stimuli.

A theory is an orderly, integrated set of standards that describes, explains, and predicts behavior (Berk, 2005, p 6).Theories direct and explain behaviors as well as help determine actions needed to improve the treatment of children. Reflecting back on the Behavior and Social Learning theory activity reflects on the Behaviorism and Learning Theory. The students became aware of their behavior once the behavior chart was developed. With the students wanting to have good behavior they knew that their behavior had to line with the class rules and expectations.

Another reason this activity reflected the theory was when the children began to mimic the correct behavior. With the different age groups this activity was aged appropriate.The reason this system works is because the kids understand that there are consequences to their behavior and they realize that positive behavior warrants positive consequences, and negative behavior warrants negative behavior. Even at a younger age, the children know that they have to follow rules and directions, and that there is a consequence for not being a team player. Children like to feel praised and recognized for having good behavior. This activity is a wonderful idea and an immense idea for elementary aged children.

The behavior chart serves as a good incentive and reminds the children or holds them accountable for their behavior.Allowing the children to help decorate their cards gives them a sense of accomplishment and helping the students have a since of independency and well being. When I become a teacher I will use a behavior chart system.

The behavior system reminds the children to make better or accept the consequences. Through this activity I have realized that children function with structured activities along with have a behavior system in place. References Berk, L.

E. (2005). Infants, Children, and Adolescents (5th ed. ). Upper Saddle, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. A Pearson Education.