Reflective Paper Essay

Reflective Paper            Basing from the results and descriptions of the Jung Typology Test, the following reflection were made:            The type of personality being INTJ would reveal that a person is some kind of a perfectionist or mastermind. He knows what he wants and what he doesn’t want. People with this kind of personality have a very keen observation and they only make decisions after thorough examinations.

When it comes to collaboration, people with this type of personality are very reserved. Before they could associate with other groups, they have to think carefully before joining a group. Collaboration is the act of working together (World Book Dictionary, 2005). For example, in classroom setting, an INTJ type of student will not automatically join in any group that will invite him to do a group work. He will observe and analyze first even the people comprising the group.

He needs to see to it that the group that he will be joining is a very good one. In this situation, this person is hard up in looking for the group that he would fit in. This is one of the disadvantages of being a perfectionist. He easily gets annoyed if the results are bad or not so good. He wants excellent results.In terms of the adapting with the culture and environment of a certain place or group, the INTJ person must be very careful.

Because of their perfectionist and unusual independent type of personality, it is hard to look for an environment that could accept these kinds of people. For instance, in the work area, the can not easily adapt to the culture and environment of the company. There are times that they make their own decisions without consulting their supervisors because they think their decisions are fine having carefully analyzed it. INTJs can rise to management positions when they are willing to invest time in marketing their abilities as well as enhancing them.

In terms of leadership styles, INTJs are natural leaders (Heiss, 2005). However, they do not actually volunteer to get the job. They only assume the position if it is given to them. They are the not necessarily the private type of individual. Only, they are very much cautious of their actions and decisions.  When they are already in the position, they do their best and make the most of it. They continue to shine without teaching them what to do. They have their own way of making excellent decisions for the good of the company or group.

As a conclusion, this type of personality has the advantage and disadvantages. When it comes to collaboration, they tend to be very selective of the group that they work with. If they feel they cannot fit in, they prefer to do things on their own.

When it comes to adapting into an environment or culture, they are hesitant. They need time to adjust with the environment until they could foster the culture of the group. Eventually, they will find safe and secured in that kind of environment. Although they are perfectionist or termed as masterminds, they are not the type of people who aspires for fame and leadership. They only assume leadership if the task is given to them. As a whole, all types of personality have their own strengths and weaknesses.Reference list:Heiss, Marina Margaret. (Feb 2007) .

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