Reflective paper Essay

IntroductionOrganization behavior entails studying how organizations can be structured in a more effective and successful way, it also entails examining how various external aspects impact organizations. Studying organization behavior in the current competitive business environment could assist managers in formulating better working strategies and understanding of issues affecting them as well as the organization. Indeed Studies show that organizations’ performance is highly affected by its behavior Newstrom and Davis (1993) stress this point when he points out that organization behavior and structure determines the success of an organization.  new challenges has made the industry to rethink its business behavior, objective and aims in doing business on the competitive and ever changing business arena and come up strategies that can  make their organizations more successful than before. Looking back the important aspects that I have learnt regarding organization behavior course can be outlined as below.

The central part of any organization is its employeesAs Robbins (2004) reminds us, the central part and the most important feature of any organization is its staff. The success of an organization depends sorely on the people running the organization at all the levels. If an organization has to succeed, then its objective should be geared towards increasing its revenue, growth and innovations. This can only be achieved through introducing new values as well as culture in such an organization. As Newstrom and Davis (1993) points out for an organization to remain competitive, it needs to maximize on quality and reduce its operation cost; however, it should not forget to maintain its peak performance.Encourage talent and teamworkAnother important lesson of organization behavior is that, an organization should create a culture or a system whereby its employees operate by using both “hard skills” as well as “soft skills”. This means that apart from using hard skills, which involves the technical as well as functional elements required in performing a certain job, the employees should as well use the soft skills, which involves aspects such as team work, effective communication and problem solving among other aspects. It is important to not that these two skills work hand in hard with each other.

Thus, for effective operations within an organization and high performance, employees the organization must create an atmosphere that encourages team work and cooperation. This motivates employees much more than just offering the employees work and money. As Newstrom and Davis (1993) asserts present day human resource is motivated by a good working environment that is enjoyable to work in, rather than high pay. If an organization does not provide a motivating environment, then it’s bound to witness high staff turnover or increased rate of absenteeism. This of course is due to poor organization structures or climate.Employees’ behavior is shaped by perceptionsAs we have leant, employees’ behavior within an organization is founded on perceptions and not realities (Robbins, 2004). Therefore, it is important for an organization to carry out employees’ survey so as to understand how they perceive the organization. When the employee participate and gives their views in these surveys, the managers will get vital information that they can use in improving the work environment of their organizations.

There is enough evidence to show that factors within the work environment are connected to aspects like, employee motivation, work satisfaction, job performance as well as the general organizational performance. Supposing an organization is motivating and its productivity is high, many employees would in fact not only remain the organization but recommend other people to join the organization. However, if the employees have a perception that the organization is “wasting” them then, they would be in constant search for new opportunities.Motivation is key to successesAt the same time, motivating employees remains the key to success.

However, as Robbins (2004) an employee should be highly motivated for him to look forward for another working day. Yukl (2002) reminds us that, there are three essential needs that each employee requires. These are; need for accomplishment, need for authority and lastly need for affiliation. Yukl (2002) further explains that the need for accomplishment is exhibited as a drive to succeed and outshine, the employee wishes to do things in a better way than others. The need for authority is expressed as a desire to impact others or influence them.

Lastly the need for affiliation is presented as a desire to create close and personal relationships. Every employee has at least one of these needs. Thus, an organization should be able to acknowledge these needs so that it helps its employees in achieving them.

When an organization helps its employees in achieving their needs, it can easily influence their production and performance. There is also need for organization to create a close working relationship with its employees and recognize their efforts through rewarding them or even promoting them. This goes along away in motivating and creating a good working environment.ConclusionOrganization behavior in today business environment is very crucial for organizations that want to succeed. Organization behavior is broad, as it entails human behavior, leadership, change and other aspects.

However, the most important asset of any organization is its people and organizations should strive to ensure that it creates a good working environment and relationship with its employees for maximum benefits for both the organization and the employees.Reference:Newstrom, J and Davis, K. (1993): Organization Behavior: – Human Behavior at Work; New York: McGraw-Hill.Robbins, S (2004): Organizational Behavior – Concepts, Controversies, Applications.

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