This is the first year and the first semester I study the official. My chosen field of study is international hotel management. In the first week of the first semester, I felt a lot of change.

I only have to study my subject one day in a week. My teacher is Christos. He was from Greece, so my first obstruction was that I did not understand what he was saying. It is very difficult for me to understand because my English is not good, and the intonation of each and every country is very different. In the first week, we got to know each other. I was able to add more friends in different countries such as China, Thailand, Russia, Nepal, Nepal, etc. This made me very happy because before, I was a very shy person to meet many people and almost no talk to anyone.

The first time I studied without preparing everything about all the information. I almost do not know what to learn and how to finish it. That’s why I’m here, I need more information, experience and life skills that I hope Stamford will be able to cultivate for me. I have always been taught that if I do not understand a problem, then I have to ask you, I have to put aside the obstacle is or embarrassed to be better, improve skills. I am not a laughing-hearted person, and I am often told to be optimistic and laugh more. After the teacher’s encouragement, I try to laugh more every day, and practice more skills.

Besides, I was introduced to what I would learn in my subject. I have learned how to communicate, why communication is important in our lives, communication skills, etc. He hosted us a game called Chinese whisper, which is a talking about communication skills. You have to use memory and words to pass it on to the last person so that they can write the right words. Although my team lost, we were very happy and laughed a lot. I learned about communication and communications, fields of communication including intrapersonal, interpersonal, group/team, organization, public/media, intercultural. And finally the basic facts of communication. He teaches us about basic communication through two images so that I can better understand these issues.

    On the first day of the semester, I learned a lot about communication. Since it’s still the first semester, my schedule is still very busy, but that does not mean I’m lazy and do not learn. After this day, I learned that I had to work hard to understand everything that he taught.