Refutation Paper on Eating Disorder Articles Essay

Refutation Paper on Eating Disorder Articles

            Taking on the Thin Deal

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            The problem on disorder falls in different causes which cannot be solved on mere guesswork. In this article, one of the causes of eating disorder which was founded on the will to become thin is the notion that a person becomes happy and successful only by having a slim body.

            As proposition, an activity was develop in order to help high school and college students to stop thinking that being thin is the best way to become happy and successful. The Body Project is designed to hold meetings with thousands of high school and young students in order to solve the problem or the issue.

            The controversy relates to the fact that other people or establishments are affected by the activities of the Body Project. The dieting book stores named Borders and the makers of Barbie doll Mattel were hurled on the issue by means of harmless yet confusing letters of protest sent to them by the participants of the body project. Yet, we must realize that they are just doing their job and their business is not directly the reason why young people choose to become thin.

            For the definitions, the Body Project is a project directed for high school and college students through the development of workshops in solving the taking into the thin ideal problem. The store Borders is the book store which distributes dieting books, while Mattel is the company which developed the impossibly proportioned Barbie doll.

            The source of the article is clearly identified and reliable since it was reported by the New York Times which is known for its prestige. However, the source is so biased because we should consider that all high school and college students are not lulled into the taking on the thing ideal campaign. Despite the honesty of the recent article or source, it still focused only on one particular cause which is hardly applicable to all students. The source may be corroborated by other sources but it is not really a strong topic.

The issue is one-sided and did not take a glance on other side of the issue. Hence, there should be no generalization that dieting books and selling of Barbie dolls caused high school and college students in choosing to become thin for a happy and successful life.

            Shy About Eating on Public

            The main issue if the article is the possibility of girls to be ashamed while eating in public. This particular issue was linked to common health problem of teenagers called anorexia. In other words, the problem of weight loss is attributed to shyness of teenagers while eating in public.

            It is proposed that being shy about eating in public is not the sole reason of extreme weight loss. While it is true that girls tend to be shy while eating in public, there are other reasons or causes of weight loss such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and inability to fight against depression. Thus, shyness of girls about eating in public should not be considered as the primary reason of anorexia.

            The controversy linked to the issue is the fact that adolescent girls avoid eating in public even though they eat normally in their homes. Besides, the possibility of the self-conscious girls to be going through an eating disorder is being brought to the attention of the public. The reluctance of adolescent girls to eat in public is considered as the reason of such problem.

In connection, the term anorexia as used in the article is an eating disorder which may affect the health of young girls across the country. The avoidance of eating in public is the tendency of adolescent girls to miss eating on time.

            With respect to evidence, the article is not replete of verifiable facts that would support the main issue. The source of the article may be USA Today, but the evidences are weak. It cannot be generalized that shy about eating in public is the main reason of severe weight loss of adolescent girls. Hence, the article is so biased with respect to the cause of anorexia. The source may be honest and recent but it was not corroborated with other sources which could prove the basic claim.

            In conclusion, we cannot base anorexia with the reluctance of girls in eating at public places. The mere fact that there is no reliable proof that adolescent girls are really shy while eating in public, it should not be considered as the main reason of extreme weight loss or anorexia.

            Control Your Hunger? Study Shows Men Can, Women Can’t

            The main issue of the article is the way of men to easily handle in resisting eating their favorite food compared to women. In other words, women cannot easily control their hunger and desire to eat their favorite foods. As a result, the number of obese women is greater than men.

            It is proposed that women should control their eating habits in order to curb problem concerning obesity. While it is true that women cannot easily control their eating habits, it is also admitted that women can choose to limit the foods that they eat.

            The controversy that was relayed by the source is the fact that there are more obese women compared to obese men. The reason behind these findings is the ability of men to control their hunger.

            The word obese means an extraordinary weight gain which changes to body structure of a person from small size to extra large. The findings were given by the U. S. Department of Energy through Brook haven National Laboratory.

            The source is clearly identified as it gives the authority which conducts the research. The source is also reliable because the research was conducted by an agency of the government. However, the article is biased because the group being studied does not surely represent all men and women in the whole world. Yet, the source is honest despite that impartiality. The source is also recent since it was reported this year and it was corroborated by other evidences.

            In conclusion, it is true that women are not capable of inhibiting their desire to eat compared to men based on the findings provided by the U. S. Department of Energy. However, this is not a reasonable claim since the group being studied does not represent all men and women worldwide.

            French Bill Takes Aim at Those Glamorize the Ultra-Thin

            The elegance and glamour of ultra-thin stirred the people in France, particularly the fashion industry. Many young girls are hooked by the ultra-thin attitude which allows girls to eat less in order to loose weight. As a result, the government leaders of France proposed a bill which would eventually punish people who would encourage ultra-thinness.

            It is proposed that the fashion industry should not be blamed for the death of young girls due to anorexia caused by extreme dieting and starvation. Other channels of expression and communication like the media are also factors which encourage girls to become ultra-thin.

            The controversy is about the potential punishment of people caught encouraging young girls to become ultra thin. The recommended fines are $71, 000 and three-year prison sentences. This was emphasized due to the death of a Brazilian model who is suffering from anorexia. Hence, the fashion industry is sending campaigns that heavyweights could also hit the said industry.

            In connection, the fashion industry is the commercial endeavors which sell products involving clothing or wardrobe necessities. The ultra-thin image is having a very slim body which can be emphasized while wearing fashionable clothes.

            The source of the claim is clearly identified as it was reported in France. The source is also reliable as it was relayed by a breaking news site. However, the source is biased as it embraced the bill without listening to the side of those who could be affected like clothing endorsers and designers. The source is however recent and honest in its presentation. It was also corroborated by other evidences since it mentioned other cases which prove that the bill should be passed to save young girls from developing anorexia in their body.

            In conclusion, the bill is the strongest way to protect young girls from anorexia. People who used to encourage young girls to glamorize ultra-thin will be afraid to do the same activity once the bill will turn into law. Thus, heavyweights may hit the fashion as businessmen find no choice to endorse their clothing products.

An Image to Heal

            The main issue of the article is the necessity to halt the war against our bodies. The target of the article is young girls who are influenced by the media on the propaganda involving the ideal beauty. Hence, the problem of eating disorder comes into mind as an important matter to discuss and solve.

            It is proposed that people must exert efforts in solving eating disorders due to attaining the ideal beauty. It is pointless to protect the health of young girls when we allow them to be lured by the media that to be thin is beautiful. Thus, teaching young girls that beauty within is what matters most compared to physical beauty.

            The media is directly and indirectly teaching young girls that a physical body with a supermodel structure is ideal. These influences of the media are being shown in magazines, television, films, and Internet advertisements. As a result, young girls are trying to eat little amount of food just to loose weight and attain a supermodel body.

            A supermodel is one having a physical body of five feet and seven inches and between 100 and 115 pounds. Eating disorder is the effect of extreme dieting and starvation in order to achieve the desired body structure. The concept of war against our bodies reflects the indirect media campaign that being thin is beautiful.

The source of the article is clearly identified but is does not give any other sources to corroborate the claim that attaining a supermodel body is the cause of eating disorders. The article is not also recent which makes it outdated knowing that other media campaigns influences young girls in a different way. However, the source is very reliable knowing that problems involving eating disorders apparently started decades ago. Lastly, the article is not biased in its presentation and honest in relaying the facts of the case affecting young girls in the society.

            We cannot rely on the issues that were written a decade ago. In these modern times, young girls are no longer subject to media influences with respect to their body structure. The idea of proper diet and positive lifestyle has been taught among young girls too. Therefore, the problem of attaining a supermodel body through extreme dieting and starvation is already out-dated and a thing of the past.