Regional conflicts and peace building in South Asia Essay

Regional conflicts and peace building in south asia

INTRODUCTION: Regional conflicts are now days becoming an important issue across the globe as many countries in different states are having conflicts with each other and they have been in cold wars from years and years. Many countries are constantly trying to take over small countries on the basis of their past conflicts. The United Nation Organization (UNO) has been trying to solve varies issue across different countries as a neutral party between them. The UNO has formed a special committee at the forum whose responsibility is to look countries and their various issues which are creating conflicts between them and try to solve these issues without any biases ness.

REGIONAL CONFLICTS: Many countries in the region are continuously in process of some conflicts either with their neighbor countries or within the country with different states. We will discuss the conflicts regarding North Korea, South Korea, China and Japan. The great conflicts that are taking place in South Asia include the tensions between North and South Korea. The great Korean War refers to North and South Korea which took place in June 25 1950. The main Factor which took them to a war stage was to differentiate these two states with their respective governments. North Korea which is ruled in a military form of government, Dictatorship style while the South Korea has a democratic form of government. These two states before the war were trying at the 38 parallel negotiating their terms to make sure the elections in the entire Korea. These negotiations were at end stage when the North Korean Army entered in South Korean Borders and the war begins. During these conflicts there mere many other external factors involved regarding war in Korea which also includes china and Japan. China was in favor of  N.korea where as Japan was in favor of South Korea. The result of division of Korea was also due to harsh policies ser by Japan for the people of Korea. Koreans wanted to be free from political interventions from outside factors. It became extremely terrible as the Soviet union became an important factor and announced war from Japan and support the Koreans on their behalf. USA and Russia were also taking part to defeat Japan after the wart ended wit Germany. The US forces arrived early in September in 1945 in Korea to fight against Japan for its harsh attitude towards Korean peoples. USSR was also one of the major force in this whole war where it was supporting Northern Korea and declared that it would support North Korea for fighting against Japanese forces where as USA was on Southern Korea against Japanese forces and supporting Koreans. Soviet forces which were used afterwards against Russia were also playing an important role in this whole situation were they were using all their forces in Northern part of Korea before US intervene and make the lobby of them. The US forces entered in Korea with a vision to rule this state in their own manner but the presence of Soviet forces doesn’t allow them to do so. Soviet forces were direct threat to US forces. They came to restore many Japanese political administrators which were against the wishes of Korean people. Their objective was to restore all the activists and appoint them on their actual powers according to US strategic plans. Then US formed another policy for the people of Korea were to refuse the existing political organizations which were operating in North Korea so as to obey the wishes and wants of the people of Korea. Another conflict was entering of China into this war and making aggressive steps against US actions. Chinese intervention was one of the biggest challenges to all the factors who were involved in this war. Through this the peace of Asia was at very higher risk all other countries were posing them certain threats which were not acceptable to many countries located in this region.

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Now a days a very fresh phenomena has taken place the conflicts between North Korea Japan and South Korea as North Korea has recently launched its rocket which is a violation of their previous contracts with international community to bring peace and harmony in this region. China is playing a neutral role in all this process where as Japan and South Korea have many aspects and they have called a UNO session for discussion of this issue with international community.


Conflicts are in nature of humans but they need to be identified as soon as possible before it leads towards a disastrous result. The UNO which is an independent body needs to take certain important steps for peace building in Asia other wise they will rise like a crisis and then we will be too late to solve these issues.


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