Registered Nurse Essay

Registered Nurse

1. What contribution can you make to this organization?

            As a registered nurse, I have acquired an adequate amount of knowledge about the field of health care. Also, I have gained substantial experiences within and outside an academic institution throughout the four years that I have studied in college. Through these, I believe that I am set to enter the professional world and show the health care industry my refined skills and extensive intelligence.

            In college, I was always at the top of my class. I have constantly excelled in my academic classes that developed my analytical and clinical proficiency. Aside from this, I got involved in extra curricular activities that have honed my skills and it also opened my eyes to the real situation of the health care system in our society. These experiences further motivated me to finish my degree and be of service to my community.

            More so, being a nurse is an arduous job that entails being psychologically, emotionally and physically fit to be able to successfully fulfill all the nursing duties. During my third and fourth year as a nursing student, I was accepted as an intern at the local hospital. During this period, I have realized that taking on the responsibility of a health care provider is easier said than done. However, this experience taught me a lot of things that aided in my professional as well as personal development.

            Professionally, I have learned to satisfactorily carry out the key roles of a registered nurse which are the following: (1) provide direct and adequate nursing care; (2) properly assess the needs of the patients; (3) plan, execute and record nursing care plans; (4) organize and manage patient care; (5) health counseling; and (6) administer and carry out patient care plans.

            On the other hand, I have also cultivated some personal characteristics that I believe will boost my capability to sufficiently perform my job as a registered nurse. I have developed and acquired the following qualities: (1) analytical and critical thinking; (2) problem-solving skills; (3) effective communication skills; (4) quick witted; (5) managerial skills; (6) good sense of judgment; (7) resilience; (8) leadership abilities; and (9) physical and emotional endurance to cope with the various scenarios in a hospital.

            If given the chance to work for your organization, I believe that I can make a direct and immediate contribution to your company. It will also be an opportunity for me to learn new things and at the same time share and showcase the knowledge that I have acquired throughout the years.

2. What are your career goals?

            After I graduate as a registered nurse, I plan to immediately work in a health care facility. But before I can do this, I first have to take up the NCLEX examination. Then, after passing this exam, I can already start my nursing career. Obtaining an entry-level nursing position is the first objective. After giving an exemplary performance, I expect to be promoted within 6 months to a year of being a nurse in a private hospital. Having a work experience, I can apply for a graduate program related to nursing. I plan to take a Master’s degree in Nursing Administration in order to further my career in the health care industry. Presently, there are a lot of highly skilled and competitive nurses all over the world. Because of this, I need to make myself indispensable and in demand so I need to continuously acquire new and essential knowledge and skills to stay ahead of the pack. By studying Nursing Administration, I can establish my specialization on effectively administering “nursing personnel and services in hospitals and other health care delivery agencies.” Also, I would learn about the business side of the health care industry wherein I can be trained in “health care administration, resource and financial management, health care law and policy, medical personnel management, and managed care operations” (, 2008).

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