Reinstattment letter Essay

I am a student enrolled in the Masters in Business Administration program of the University and I am writing to you to appeal for reinstatement in the said program. I am well aware that it is mandatory for a student to maintain a 3.0 GPA in the program and unfortunately, I have failed to do so.

I know that my failure is my fault entirely and I sincerely apologize for posting failing grades. I acknowledge the fact that I have been a disappointment to you and the rest of the faculty. But before you deliver your final verdict, I humbly ask you to please hear out the reasons behind my low academic standing, which I hope your good office would consider. I fully admit that throughout the spring semester I experienced a lot of personal issues and tough times which have, one way or another, contributed to the decline in my academic standing.

For one, I have been trying to find new employment with hopefully a higher income. I would like you to know that our family is not rich. These past months have been more of a struggle for me and the rest of the family as we all try hard just to simply make ends meet. We have also been affected by the prevailing global economic crisis which has resulted in thousands of job losses. Although fortunately, I was able to retain my present employment, it has become difficult to land new and more promising jobs.

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Also, I have also been going back and forth to the court this past spring semester due to a legal battle to keep our home. It has entailed additional expenses and burdens on my part and has also become one of the many things I worry about all the time. The prospect of losing our home has been very emotionally draining for all of us. Up to now, I am at a loss of what to do.

On top of that, I have also been taking care of my elderly grandfather and my disabled mother this past semester. Both have very fragile health conditions and I cannot simply leave them alone even though I had obligations to the school. I care for them a lot and they are extremely important to me and the rest of the family. There is never a day that I do not worry about their health. I also admit that I, too, have medical conditions myself and I have tried hard to prevent them from affecting my grades.

In short, my struggles to find new employment, the failing health of my grandfather and mother, and the legal battle to keep our home has taken an emotional toll on me and, sadly, has resulted in my failure to maintain the required grade for the school’s MBA program. Although I know that there is never an excuse for failure, the reasons I have stated above are true and I humbly ask you to please consider them when you decide on my fate in the school.

In short, I am sincerely asking for a second chance to prove my worth in the school. I would consider it a very big loss if I fail to be reinstated back into the MBA program of the university because I am aware that the school is one of the top universities in the country and would no doubt help me in establishing a successful career.

In the future, I plan on becoming a highly competent and well-rounded businessman. In order to do that, I would need the skills, knowledge, and training that the school’s MBA program would provide me. I truly consider it both a honor and privilege to part of the school’s MBA program and I am deeply disturbed by the prospect of losing that honor and privilege especially since I am only four courses away from completing the program.

I admit that the past few months have been life-changing for me. Although I have experienced multiple failures, the biggest of which is my failure to maintain the required academic standing, I can honestly say that I have emerged stronger as a person. My failures have been truly humbling experiences for me. However, I firmly believe that it does not matter how many times one falls; what matters is how many times one stands up after every fall.

In this regard, I would like to do the same in the MBA program. Although I have failed, I promise to stand up stronger and more determined to accomplish my academic goals. Fortunately, the circumstances are different this time because recently, I was able to find a somewhat stabler job compared to my previous employment. I was also able to find round the clock care for my grandfather and mother. In other words, this time around, there would be no reason for me to fail again. I also have a better perspective in life and I am more determined to succeed.

This is why I humbly ask you to please consider me for reinstatement to the school’s MBA program.  Should my request for reinstatement be granted, I vow to maintain not just the mandatory grade of 3.0 but a much higher grade. I promise to do my best and prove to you and the rest of the school that I deserve to be in the program. I admit that my setbacks have been a true test of my character and I vow to work harder, exert extra effort, and apply all the skills and lessons I have learned from my failures should I be given a second chance.

Thank you in advance for your utmost consideration.

Sincerely yours,