Relationship between God and Man Essay

It is believed that the man was authorized by God.

God was intentional in creating men inferior to him in all aspects such as strength, power and knowledge. Hence it is considered that the creator, the almighty is many steps ahead of us and is undoubtedly superior to us. According to the Greek Philosophy God intended to forge an everlasting and healthy relationship with man. He wanted it to come through man and that’s exactly why Quran was written. It was believed that man will be ultimately absorbed to God.Orphic theology of the dualism of body and soul describes man must devoid himself from the desires of tangible possessions, money and diabolic thoughts to return to God. Man’s duty is to mentally free himself from the carrier(body) where the soul is prisoned in the clutches of the cells. It is highly complex to explain the existence of soul and its relationship with body.

The sould is divided into mind(the reasoning part – nous), the courageous part(thumos),and the appetitive part(epithumia). Of all these the mind is considered to be the strongest part which is assumed to be celestial, godly, eternal and this creation is believed to purely designed by the soul of the universe.Christianity was given a unique angle as it was assumed that Christianity urged an individual to accept he is not good at deeds and thoughts and in return he needs to be forgiven by God for his sins. This was conceptualised with the thought that only people with good deeds deserve God’s love. It is always in comparison with others that it is judged whether we are at fault or we are right, but this is not considered to be the right judgement.

The judgment is based as in whether the individual is perfect enough, good enough to be able to win the love of God. There seems to be an intimate relationship between God and man which can be determined on the extent of his good deeds.According to Judaism, humans are a creation of God, he made efforts to give him shape in preference to his likeness. The biblical expalanation on the essence of the image of God is blurred by the domination of human race, it did not give a clear ellaboration on the association of soul and man which is the catch point to ressolve the undisclosed secret of association of man with God. The image of God is trusted to be the distinct human capacity for a saintly divine relationship with God.

Roman Catholics follow the concept “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” as is mentioned in the Bible. Marriage – in the name of marriage a male and female are claimed to be loyal, committed, truthful to each other and to God. They foster a special relationship with God so as to certify it an “eternal vocation to the kingdom of God”. After the betrothal the couples are designated a special position with the crown of glory an honour believed to be specially blessed by God to connote they belong to family which belongs to God.

There is a drastic difference between God and man. Prophet Mohammed was told by God that he is too close to man, unidentifiable, too deep within oneself. God’s closeness cannot be recognised by people with destructive thinking, that’s why a muslim is supposed to surrender his ego and hand over himself as a whole to God.

Man’s ultimate objective has always been to understand the relationship between God and himself. This is exactly the concept behind man’s postulations of supreme power or super natural theory. According to “the theory of mechanical evolution” life on earth evolved as a result of various permutations and combinations of elements matter, motion, atoms and force. This theory has picked up the momentum in the recent decade and is gaining popularity.

People find it convincing, logical and convenient enough to follow it.Source: