Relationship of Atticus and His Children Essay

Relationship of Atticus and His Children Dec. 8 2011 In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus’ gentle and reversed emotion doesn’t block Jem and Scout’s love toward him; instead, they thought Atticus is a great father that let them become good people. In order to teach kids as a father, Atticus has poured his heart in every detail. By reading books to Mrs. Dubose, Atticus lets Jem “to see what the real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. He also plans to let Scout hear his conversation with Uncle Jack in the Landing, thus she knows she needs to trust her father since everything he has done is for their sake. Almost after every incidence, Jem and Scout can learn things either morally or behaviorally from his father. For example, when Atticus starts to defend for a colored folk, he asks his children to do him a favor to ignore those rumor and ugly words.

As a result, they can build up their patience and the ability of being tolerant. Another rare thing in their relationship is Jem and Scout never calls Atticus “Dad”. Actually, those three people understand how to be respectful to each other at the beginning. For instance, Atticus treat his children as equal individuals. He asks Scout the reason why she doesn’t want to go to school, and tries to figure out a solution with her together.

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Unlike other parents, Atticus provides the freedom for Jem and Scout to make up their minds, instead of deciding everything for them. Atticus is a father who doesn’t spoil his children; the father’s love is contained in every single sentence he speaks to them. By following his heart and conscience; Atticus uses himself as a role model for Jem and Scout to learn from. That’s the reason why Atticus can not only be a successful father and teacher, but also be Jem and Scout’s mighty honor.