Relationship of two main characters in the story book “Back To The Dreamtime” Essay

Two main characters that I choose in this book is Richard and Tom because went I read this book until the end there are many thing that Richard and Tom doing together. Richard is an aboriginal descent. His father died when he was two years, now Richard staying in McDonalds’ family as an adopted son. Meanwhile, Tom is a Joe’s daughter and older than Richard. The relationship between Richard and Tom is very closely because they spent a lot of time together.

Tom is very kind person, as a brother to Richard and Judy, He have responsibility to take care both of them explicitly Richard because they have same personality. Tom are always advises Richard to prepare are thing about their future and not so hurry to settle that problem. For example, went Richard have confuse on main because of he wanted to find their father buried alone and need to separate from the group.

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At that time, Tom came to make thing clearer, Tom say in life we have to face up went are we and always remembered mum and dad and don’t blame them because whatever they aver done has been for our goodness. Went Richard hear what Tom’ say, he did not ignore that but take the advise that Tom give to him in order to settle the problem. The relationship with them make perfect when both of them try to give and take from one to another.