Religion and theology Essay

Theology is the study of religion and its influences while religion is the belief in a supernatural being that controls human destiny. In this issue of Lois her crises of faith can be termed as negative this is because she is still too young and it might affect her as she is growing up. It was better if this crisis was not present at the time but the confirmation will be of help (Neusner, 2005). This is because in religion if one is to believe in something and in this case Christianity one is expected to be stead fast and not even complement the belief with anything else apart from what is expected in the religion to make it complete. Apart from Lois’s case, the other children after confirmation do not seem to have an idea the seriousness of the issue their age is also a factor that is to be looked at too like in Lois’s case.

If I were to talk to her in the woods and not being the writer, I would talk to her and explain to her things pertaining religion or generally ones faith. Because of her age, being that she is a child I would explain to her why it is important to be of a particular faith and also talk to her on the issues I already have experience and knowledge on the journey of faith. I also would have included some advice that pertains what to do and not to do. When one gets confirmed it is a sign that one has become a fully active and mature member of a given faith and the responsibilities that go with that and it is those responsibilities that could have explained. Encouragement is also another important thing to a beginner in every journey since faith is a journey that ends the day your life ends (Davis, 2005). In conclusion, it would be important to advice and encourage her and that is what I would have done personally.


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