The first Amendment states Essay

While he was singing this song, the principal turned of the microphone and walked up to hi m and told he he ant sing that song and he needed to go sit down. The next day a group Of SST dents all wore cross necklaces to school to back this kid up. In some public schools, this is a major concern. For instance, children are getting in trouble because they talk about religion and t ray to make God apart of their study. This is wrong because kids should be able to talk about t heir beliefs.In other words, public schools should allow children to talk about religion in the class mom. Bringing God into school is a great idea, but others may not agree with me.

C heraldry’s t Lakefront Cholesterol High School in north Georgia had an unusual way of kicking off football games: They would set up huge paper banners on the edge of the file d for players to crash through banners embossed with Christian proselytizing messages and Bible passages. This started bringing up major concerns with the members of the community and the staff was not going to tolerate this.Rob Boston, the author of the article states, “When a loc al resident pointed out that perhaps this raised legal issues, school officials reluctantly said they would put a stop to Meyer 2 t immediately sparking the wrath of some in the community”. The community got mad at the school officials because they made the cheerleaders stop praying before foot ball games.

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School officials can put a stop to things kids want to do. The community could get ma d at school officials real quickly which could backfire real quick. School officials could thin k that religion might disrupt the work and the class.People in the community might also get mad because schools have a lot of events that involves citizens.

The people of the communion TTY could take things in an offensive way and get angry. This affects tolerance in a way because SE these kids were doing nothing wrong and the principal needs to respect those cheerleaders of r doing what they thought was right. The principle needs to show respect to those cheerleaders because they all have rights and they all deserve them. If these cheerleaders want to pray fort he football team before they play, then they should let them do it.But then again, there are a lot of people that are for religion in schools. Prince pal Jerry Ransom says, not naive enough to believe that everyone in the school AR e Christians, I loud like them to be because I believe that’s what’s best, but you can’t force anyone to believe what you believe” (CTD.

In Boston). It looks like Jerry Ransom knows that every one in his school is not Christian but he wants people in his school to be Christians, eve n though he can’t because he is not able to change anybody beliefs.Jerry wants to make the b est. out of these kids and he knows that he wants them to be Christian, but if they want to be Muslim m, there is nothing he can do about that. He understands that everybody has their own beliefs a ND can believe in what they want to believe in . Jerry believes that Christians are great role mod else and can lead by example. Ransom’s ideas can make an impact to society because kids can see this and maybe make a difference in schools.

They can make in impact because of Christ. Meyer 3 Following the law is good and everybody should live by it.We should all have r sights too. The first Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an estate Siemens of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. ” Which to means that the school can’t the students that they can’t talk about God in school. Barry W. Lynn the executive director of A Ricans United said, ‘”Public schools serve children from many faiths and philosophical peers actives, The best way to respect the rights of students and their parents if to respect a healthy separation Of church and state in the classroom” (CTD. N Boston).

This might sound like it opposes the argument, but as long as the separation of church and state is respected, it should be allow d. Public schools have very diverse children and families, administrators have to respect their b levels and what they stand for. This also means that students can stand up for whatnot belie eve in and never let anyone tell them their beliefs are wrong.

Then we all have a right to bring God wherever we want. The government cannot tell students that they can’t talk about God in s school.It is the students right and this will help our society because public schools should not This nation was founded on Christ and it should fueled by Christ today. This means Christ should be allowed everywhere in today’s world. Officials at an elemental ray school in North Carolina were in hot water with local residents after they forced a first grader to remove references to God from a poem she had written to honor her grandfather.

The e student, whose grandfather served in the military during the Vietnam War, planned to read the e poem at a November 8 Veterans Day ceremony at West Marion Elementary School in Mac Dowel County, North Carolina.In the poem she included the lines, “He prayed to God for pea CE, he prayed to God for strength,” to describe the actions of her grandfather during the war. But when a parent complained about the poem’s mention of God and its inclusion in the ceremony NY, school officials Meyer 4 forced the girl to remove the lines before presenting the poem. Esther Dollar heed’s says “Local residents lined up behind the young poet, with one, telling CBS News that we need to keep in mind what our country was founded on.It was founded on God and Jesus Car sit, and our veterans went out and fought for us so we would have a free country. But if w e aren’t allowed to honor them the way that the children want to, then America is getting lost'” (q ad in American). People believe that God needs to be apart of our country and if our kids want to have God in their schools, it is their American right to do that.

Students should be allowed to share religious levels in school because other children can learn from them.If schools let SST dents have God in school, they can be more in peace and more together because that is what pee people will get through Christ. They will have peace and they will be happier together.

In conclusion, students should have the right to talk about religion in schools. It may cause other kids to have a stronger belief in Christ and maybe even get kids t o meet Christ. Administrators should allow religion in schools and respect the students belie fps. If they show this respect, the students could respond with respect back to the staff.