Religion: The Devil Incarnate Essay

Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it. – Christopher Hitchens Religion is dangerous because it allows people who do not know everything, to think that they do. One could argue that this statement is blasphemy and inaccurate, though these individuals also believe in something that they cannot prove, so it is substantially arbitrary to even attempt to join a debate that knowingly is never-ending and inconclusive, or is it? In order to fully understand religion, one must determine why it exists or how it even was cultivated by mankind.

The answer is quite simple really. It is innately imprinted in human beings to be curious, to seek explanations, to question and embrace skepticism. It is because of this why our species has survived all this time, yet paradoxically, it is this exact aspect that is responsible for the birth of one of the most inhumane evils in mankind’s substantially short history, in which is religion. Although curiosity is the basis of where religion was procured from, the sustaining aspect is much more intriguing. The human species is susceptible to vulnerability; it is a fact that it is undisputed.Even the most notably glorified beings of whom were projected as impregnable, such as Alexander the Great, succumbed to, although questionable, an unidentifiable sickness during that time period; scientists have now scientifically, and not religiously, identified that illness as malaria.

Vulnerability and fragility forces us to compete amongst one another, as one could always note that even though society has constructed various formalities that substantially maintain and promote civil conduct, the underlying factor, unfortunately, is that we all still live in a Darwinian society.The fact that we are such vulnerable beings, allows for the cultivation of the aspect of which sustains and hones religion; fear. Curiosity is what births religion, fear is what nurtures it.

How can one say that religion is enlightening, when the teat of which it sips from is an aspect of which is associated with oppression, trepidation, or even genocide. The eradication of religion from society is justified due to it being the motivating factor in numerous massacres and atrocities in history, the numerous and substantially amount of contradictory elements of which it preaches, and ultimately its suppressive behavior in human civilization.