Religious Comparisons: Common Ground Essay

Religions are not necessarily exclusive of one another, and some of them are highly similar.

  The philosophies of the major world religions such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism all aim for moral truth and possess many of the same essential threads of the divine.  Although there are differences between religions, spreading tolerance and understanding throughout the world must definitely incorporate a sense of awareness and appreciation.  Many people are faithful to divinity through an expression of love and connection with the spiritual world.Some of the commonalities between all the religions are the presence of spiritual leaders.  Upholding the conceptual framework of a religion is entrusted to people who put their lives, hearts, and minds into communicating the meaning behind their faiths.  Whether a person is Jewish and professing the meaning of liberation, Buddhist and professing the meaning of heightened awareness, or Catholic and professing the meaning of true love, one can be assured that valid aspects of the nature of the divine are possibly being communicated to others (Morgan, 2008).  Society desperately years for the unity of all people, and religious understanding and commonalities are some of the ties which help to bind communities.

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Striving for a sense of peace and justice certainly revolves around being aware of the intricacies of various religions and noting the common ground.  Whether a religion is Eastern or Western, polytheistic or monotheistic, ancient or new, the most respectable and dignified aspects of religions are the beautiful shared commonalities (Willis, 2007).  In moving forward into the modern world, peace and humanism can only be restored by a sense of gentle justice and appreciation of every human spirit.ReferencesMorgan, R.  (2008).  The Promise: How God Works All Things Together for Good.

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