Remember the Titans Notes Essay

Racial •Physical •Inner •Hippies don’t fit in •Social •Conflict in Teaching Styles •Homosexual overtones •Gender Conflict •Intergration of schools was very hard on Blacks •Black girl advocates Typical female roles •Inner conflict rages within Boone •Power Struggles •Conflict in terms of friendship •Team is gradually resolving community problems •Paralysis has been taken away from him- Gerry physical •Lastik goes to college •Coaches have overcome their differences Techniques- •Quote- IN Virginia, High school football is the way of life . It is bigger than Christmas Day. Beginning is 1981, Film is 1971 •Black people are blending into each other. Unified front.

Seeing the Results before we see the fight. •Music change highlights flashback. •First Encounter with Yoast. Looks like a very likeable character. •Black kid got shot by white man. •”I don’t want to play with any of those Black animals”. •Significance of Game ball.

•Forced Integration •Shot is framed around the window. •Automatic assumption that Blacks are movers. •”It only takes one before we before we become overrun by them” •”Every head coach in the system is white. We had to give them somethin! •”It is the world we live in. God help us all! ” •Boone impression is also positive •”Black folks have never had anything in this city to call their own except humiliation and despair. ” •”Boone” is shouted for importance- Repetition •”Whites can no longer ignore the Blacks- Shutter opening- symbolism. •High angle shots •Lots of people have come •Over the shoulder shot shows the scope of the crowd. I’m no Jesus Christ, I’m not a saviour-football is a religion Repetition The best player will play Colour won’t matter.

Can’t reconcile himself(Yoast) to work under an African American man. Stand off close up.Dramatic actions, such as standing. Dialect is different, idiosyncratic languages. This is no democracy, It is a dictatorship I am the law. Lastik is uneducated and also does not know anyone so he is an outsider.

Dramatic entrance forward in together, microcosm vs macrocosm Wider racial tensions. Express yourself, its not what you look like (lyrics) Comedians of the time, making a crack at Gerry, Ray is like a sidekick Close in each others face scene Who’s your daddy? Listen up. I don’t care if you’re black, green blue white or orange, (accumulation) Early Bus trip. Song lyrics are really importantAint no mountain high enough (recurring motif) Coach boone is in the middle, signifying importance. There is a balance of power.

2 at the front have the same Yoast is his right hand men. We are change (Boone) symbolism for the team changing the society. Zooming in on yoast for disapproval. Man I don’t have any people .

I’m with everybody, Julius. Very slight low angle shot. Position of power. Positioning/ Split apart while there is a gap between them. Contrast in their speech.

The white boy is not very aware. Im just down home no good never going to no college white trash man All right! “I am gonna look out for myself and Im gonna get mine”- attitude •Misty setting symbolises the cloud and future of the team. •The fact that he is silhouted symbolises the disguise of colour •”Hatred destroyed my family” •He is wearing a different colour •Gerry shouts at Ray- his best friend. •Music climaxes. •Sunshine blends in with the blacks.

Sunshine is a hippie •Sharing of milk is symbolic of sharing sustenance. •”Why don’t you go get this little girl some pretty dolls or something Coach? ” Blacks also discriminate. Even the discriminated have assumptions •Use of each others languages “Soul Power” Contrast between bus rides highlights the change that has occurred. •Adults are still prejudiced •Camera panns the protests against the integrated schools. •Cam Tilt, Extreme close-up on hand symbolises friendship. Close-up on girls face destroys friendship •”This what they integrating us for? We’d have been better off where we were” •Boone escapes conflict in community by releasing it on NFL.•Segregation in the stadium.

•Vomiting symbolises nervousness •Music climaxing highlights unity •Forboding music builds suspense. •Lyrics- ‘Higher’Higher’ •Juxtaposition Empty Restaurant “You aint doin these lids a favour by patronising them. Youre Crippling ’em Youre crippling ’em for life” •”Looks like you went to the zoo and made some new friends Bertier” •”Yeah, we came together in camp.

Cool. But then we are right back here and the world tells us that they don’t want us to be together. We fall apart like we ain’t nothin’ man! “- Blue •”Goodbye song” goodbye to racial conflict. •”Peace train” adopted song. •”Thinkin about the world as one”- •Montage- series of short clips- good summary of what it happening.

•Blacks and whites are sitting on the stands Threatening ominous music- regional championships •Inner conflict in yoast •Daughter wants fair game •Constant reference to Titans •Resolution of conflict after regional match •”That’s my brother” •”I only saw what I was afraid of” •”And now I know that I was only hating my brother” •Overcoming the social and personal conflict- Lastik •”You have taught this city how to trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him” •”Were goin up around the bend. ” •Both coaches work together in the last game. •Recurring motif of hands •Hands on football at end of the game signifies that both black and white have come together.