Reny Essay

Complete Discussion topic 1. Please make sure to explain your reasoning on why you think a flexible or formal structure is appropriate? I) A Large Department Store Most of the large department stores using formal structure of management practices, which have very less amount of uncertainty that include external environment, strategy, technology, and human resources. The formal composition will allow the company management to control, coordinate and motive its employees to achieve the goal. The formal structure has a blueprint on its policies, procedures and chain of commands.

The employees will not get much opportunity to contribute their inputs. II) A Big Five Accounting Firm I think a formal structure is suitable for a Big Five accounting firm. Because they are dealing with numbers, which is always accurate.

They are more tasks oriented which will not require lot of supervising. A formal, strait forward management practice will be effective in accounting firms. III) A Biotechnology Company A flexible organizational structure will be appropriate for a biotechnology company, because it is more a research oriented field. Cross communication is very important for this organization.The employees in this field are experts and dedicated. They are looking for more innovations which required flexibility. They need to work together and independent in order to get the maximum result.

2) Complete Discussion Question 5. How do matrix structure and product team structure differ? Why is product team structure more widely used? A matrix structure is an organizational structure that simultaneously groups people and resources by function and product. Each person in a matrix structure’s product team will reports to two bosses which is functional and the product team.This dual reporting relationship of the matrix structure will make many problems.

There will be a conflict between the functional boss and the product boss on there positions and ideas, which create a dilemma in employees. A product team structure is in which employees are permanently assigned to a cross-functional team and report only to the product team manager. It differs from the matrix structure in different ways. There is no dual reporting relationship and two boss employees in the product team structure. All the employees are assigned to a cross-functional team which is empowered to bring a new or redesigned product to market.

The product team structure is more widely used because it avoids many of the problems inherent in the matrix structure. In a product team structure, the cross-functional team members report only to the product team manager. The functional managers have only an informal, advisory relationship with members of the product teams. The product team structure and its empowered cross-functional teams help companies to gain a competitive advantage in rapidly changing organizational environments. Reference:Jones, G. , & George, J. (2010).

Contemporary management (7th ed. ). New York, NY: McGraw Hill/Irwin.