Reply for an Essay

Reply for an Essay            It is difficult to deny the fact that sustainability is one of the critical elements of the present social studies. Whenever we refer to the population growth problem or discuss the growing scarcity of natural resources, we inevitably return to reviewing the concept of sustainability and the need to promote sustainable development from different perspectives. I agree that fresh water resources work to promote our wellbeing; and physiologically we cannot exist without water.

Moreover, I cannot but agree to the fact that the growing population size produces irreversible impacts on our planet, its environment, and the amount of resources we are allowed to use to maintain our wellbeing. The problem is that associating sustainability with population size means to limit the scope of the problem to the two factors, while there is a whole set of other determinants that make resources scarce and prevent population from using these resources to the fullest.            Looking at the problem of sustainability differently, it is easy to see that apart from the negative impact which people produce on environments, the growing population size is the major driver of the current technological progress. In other words, where people and larger populations face the growing scarcity of specific resources, they will be more likely to develop new kinds of resources, implement innovations, and promote ecological initiatives that might have been unknown a decade before.

The emergence of electric vehicles, the development of natural sources of energy, the creation of new technologies that purify water making it usable for individual purposes – all these are the results of the growing population size as well as the increasing need to provide people with equal access to natural or artificial resources. It is worth adding that promoting the need for sustainability is not enough to make sustainability real; people should clearly realize what sustainability is and how it can impact our lives. As a result, by linking sustainability to population growth we will hardly be able to resolve the major environmental controversies.