Report: Differences in Culture Essay

Report: Differences in CultureChapter 3 “Differences in Culture” provides extensive definition of what culture is, and discusses its social structure, religious and ethical system, language as a means of culture, and, finally, cultural changes. In particular, the key determinants of any culture are religion, education, economic and political philosophy, social structure and language. Language is one of the most important aspects of any culture as it is communication toll and the only way of mutual understanding among different cultures. Cultural differences should be paid more attention as the more differences between cultures the more peculiarities one should know for establishing sound economic or political relations. The values and norms of society are the cores of any culture that should be adapted if working in another country. Multinational corporations must recognize cultural differences as they are directly related to effectiveness and productivity.

Further, social structure is the basis of any society suggesting interactions between individuals and groups.Religion is more complex aspect of culture. Generally, religion is defined as a system of beliefs, values, and rituals about the realm of sacred. Ethical aspect is of importance as well because it is a set of essential moral values and principles, behavioral patterns and standards. It is ethics that identifies what is moral and what is immoral. As it is mentioned above, language is the key determinant of culture because it allows not only communication, but also directs human attitudes and attention towards certain features of the world and interaction process.

Education also plays significant role in development of culture and society as people are provided with mathematical, language and conceptual skills necessary for contemporary world. Change is essential and inevitable part of the modern society, and its significance is really dominant and great. Every public and private organization is subjected to rapid and frequent changes because the world changes as well. A location and size of company doesn’t matter.