Report on British airways and Emirates airlines Essay


Introduction:British Airways is considered as one of the largest international air hoses of United Kingdom. British air passages Plc and many other subordinates companies make the whole British Airways group. Currently, British Airways ( BA ) covers more than 550 finishs. Harmonizing to the information of the twelvemonth 2008/09, more than 34 million riders have travelled through British Airways. British air passages chief concern runing hub location is London ‘s Heathrow airdrome which serves the company with big geographical country.

British Airways is besides listed in stock exchange of London. ( British Airways, 2010 ) . The undermentioned study will analyze and so evaluates both the indexs of the British Airways Internet Explorer, fiscal every bit good as non-financial by doing it compare with the public presentation of other company, which is Dubai based named as Emirates Airlines. Talking about Emirates Airlines, being launched in 1985 and since so shown the marks as of one of the fastest turning air hoses of the universe ‘s air hose industry. Presently, the company covers more than 100 different finishs throughout the universe. ( The Emirates Group, 2010 ).Further in the study the rating of the public presentation of both these companies is being done by utilizing ratio analysis and there will besides be treatment about the fiscal public presentation tendency analysis of both the companies in the last few old ages.

This study will besides look at the managerial and non fiscal challenges faced by both of these companies utilizing SWOT analysis, and so speaking about the challenges and solutions for those challenges. The last subdivision of this study will discourse and analyses the remark by John Rishton due to acceptance of IFRS and besides look at the differences between IFRS and US GAAP.2. Ratio analysis:This subdivision compares the public presentation of British Airways which is UK based company and Emirates Airlines a non UK based company from Dubai ( UAE ) by making their ratio analysis. The analysis include the comparing of the assorted ratios of the two companies such as profitableness ratios, working capital efficiency ratio, liquidness ratio, long term fiscal construction and besides the investor ‘s position. Further this subdivision besides explains the importance of these ratios to different stakeholders by analyzing the assorted tendencies observed based on the past twelvemonth ‘s fiscal public presentation of the two companies.

2.1 Profitability ratios:Every individual house operation is extremely concerned to accomplish profitableness and the tools used to find this profitableness and the company ‘s underside line are the profitableness ratios. These ratios show the company ‘s overall public presentation and efficiency. These ratios are farther categorized into two types: borders and returns ratios. The border ratios show the house ‘s ability earn net incomes at assorted phases and the return ratios on the other manus step the overall efficiency of a house in order to bring forth returns for its stockholders.

The major profitableness ratios that are used in the study for the comparing of the public presentation of the two companies are Gross Profit border, Net Net income border, Return on Investment and Return on Equity. Comparing the profitableness ratios of the above two companies we found that the profitableness ratios of Emirate Airlines are much more stronger and healthier than the British Air passages in the old fiscal twelvemonth i.e. 2008-09 ( Appendix 1 ) .The return on investing ( after revenue enhancement ) which is a really of import ratio for any concern as it measures the net sum earned by a concern from the investing made after all the indispensable charges and the disbursals have been deducted. Calculating this important ratio of the two companies it was found that Return on investing for British Airways Plc for the twelvemonth 2008-09 was negative i.e. -3.

4 % about while on the other manus for Emirates Airlines Plc it was 2.2 % which states that the returns of Emirates Airlines Plc are much higher than the British Airways Plc.Besides the Return on Equity which is once more a really of import ratio as it measures the return earned by the equity stockholders of the company was once more negative for British Airways Plc i.e. -22.78 % and that for the Emirates Airlines Plc it was 59.25 % which is once more a immense difference more than three times higher than British Airways Plc. Even the Gross Net income for the two companies- British Air passages and Emirates Airlines were -2.

45 % and 6.03 % and the Net net income borders were -3.98 % and 2.45 % about once more demoing a great difference between the public presentation and the net incomes of the two companies.

Now the tendency analysis of British Airways shows that its profitableness ratios declined in the fiscal twelvemonth 2008-09 as compared to the old fiscal twelvemonth where the ratios were much higher i.e. Gross net income border was 9.99 % , Net net income border was 7.92 % and on the other manus Return on Investment and Return on Equity were 6.23 % and 22.

88 % severally. But this twelvemonth in 2008-09 the state of affairs turned drastically taking the ratios on the negative side that means the company incurred the loss this twelvemonth instead than gaining net income.The major ground behind this was the slack in the Numberss riders going due to the lifting monetary values of the air hoses as a heavy surcharge was being added to fine monetary values due to lifting fuel monetary values and the losingss farther kept on increasing for the company which resulted in addition in its debt degree and the company started with the amalgamations with other air hoses to cut down its burden factor.2.2 Liquidity ratios:Liquidity ratios are the 1s that determine the company ‘s ability to unclutter off its short term debts and higher the value of these ratios the greater will be the border these companies possess in order to unclutter off these debts.

Comparing the liquidness ratios of the two companies for the old twelvemonth 2008-09 we find that the ratios of Emirates Airlines are much sounder than the British Airways Plc saying its ability to run into its short term debts more easy than the British Airways. The current and the acerb trial ratios of Emirates are 1.09 and 1.

02 severally while those of British Airways Plc are 0.56 and 0.53 so once more there is a difference of about a half.

That means the ability of Emirates Airlines to run into its short term debts is dual that of British Airways. Although the liquidness ratios of both the companies show a decreasing tendency but the difference comes in since the ratios of British Air passages are falling at a much higher rate than Emirates Airlines whose demoing an about negligible autumn in the ratios. ( Appendix 2 )2.3 Working Capital Efficiency ratio:This ratio state us about how expeditiously the house utilises its assets by informing about the sum of the income generated by each unit of the on the job capital employed in an administration. If the ratio is positive that means the on the job capital is being managed efficaciously by an administration and vice-versa.

Now comparing this ratio of the two companies we find that the on the job capital efficiency ratio of Emirates stands much stronger than British Air passages with Emirates Airlines holding a ratio of 44.38 about while British Air passages on the other manus holding a negative ratio i.e. -9.505 about. So we can easy happen a immense difference between the efficiency with which the resources of these two companies are being managed and utilized.

2.3.1 Average aggregation period:Average aggregation period of an administration is the another step that reflects the efficiency of the on the job capital of an administration since it tells the quality of debitors and the velocity with which the receivables are being collected.

Shorter is this aggregation period the superior/better is the quality of your debitors and vice-versa.Now looking into the figures of the two companies we find that British Airways beats Emirates Airlines in this ratio since its aggregation period is far more shorter than Emirates i.e. 22 yearss about while that of Emirates is 61 yearss about so here British Airways stands much in front than Emirates in footings of acquiring its receivables cleared therefore guaranting a smooth gait of payments to its employees. Since the employees are usually concerned with this ratio in footings of their occupation security and timely gait of payments. Besides the direction gives a great importance to the ratio as it is the major determiner of the fiscal strength of a any concern. ( Atrill, Harvey & A ; Mc Laney, 1999 )2.

4 Fiscal Structure Analysis Ratio:These are the ratios that indicate the fiscal place of an administration in the long tally by supplying the information sing the mix of financess given by the proprietors and loaners of the company. In order to guarantee a smooth operation of an administration at that place should ever be an appropriate mix of these financess in the running of a concern i.e.

the debt and equity of an administration managed and balanced efficaciously in order to finance the house ‘s assets. ( Pandey, 2008 )2.4.1 Debt to Equity Ratio:This ratio plays a cardinal function in order to find the fiscal place of any company as it determines sum of capital provided by the proprietors and the loaners to the administration and besides measures the company ‘s ability to refund its debts or duties. Higher the ratio higher will be the menace to the company since it shows it is being financed by the outside creditors or the loaners instead than the internal positive hard currency flow or the proprietors.Now speaking about the two companies we find that the Debt-Equity ratio British Airways in twelvemonth 2008-09 was 5.25 and that of Emirates it was 1.

86 which shows that debt of British air passages is much higher than the Emirates Airlines bespeaking a negative signal to the company.Although in instance of both the companies the foreigners have funded more of the assets but the creditor/lender support of British Airways is much higher than that of Emirates Airlines enforcing a menace to the proprietors or the stockholders as puting in the company will go more hazardous. Sing the tendency analysis of the two companies we find that although the ratio for both the companies has increased as compared to the old twelvemonth where it was 2.

6 for British Airways and 1.76 for Emirates Airlines but the rate at which this ratio for British Airways has increased is far greater than Emirates Airlines.2.5 Investor ratio:These are the ratios which are intended chiefly for the investors in order to find the public presentation of any concern in footings of puting in it and besides aid in taking the determination sing conditions to purchase, sell or keep the portions of any peculiar populace limited company ( Atrill, Harvey & A ; Mc Laney, 1999 ) .The major investor ratios are the Earning per Share ( EPS ) , Earning/Dividend Yield and the Price earning ( P/E ) ratio.

Net incomes per portion represent the returns/profits earned by the investors per portion. The EPS for the investors in British Airways was negative in the twelvemonth 2008-09 i.e.

-32.6 pence whereas it was 59 pence in the old twelvemonth i.e. 2007-08 so we can see that the returns to the stockholders reduced drastically in 2008-09. Earning/dividend output shows the sum of net incomes distributed among the stockholders in footings of dividends.The gaining output of stockholders of British Airways proprietors was merely 5 pence per portion equivalent to merely 1.

91 % in the twelvemonth 2007-08, these dividends were paid in July 2008 in the subsequent fiscal twelvemonth i.e. 2008-09 and were besides accounted in this twelvemonth merely in the balance sheets and there was no dividend declared in the twelvemonth 2008-09 itself which was once more really dissatisfactory to stockholders giving a negative impact to the company. Then comes the P/E ratio which was 3.97 in the twelvemonth 2007-08 but went to negative i.e.

-4.31in the back-to-back twelvemonth 2008-09.Section BThe undermentioned paragraphs will cover the alterations and the fiscal force per unit areas late faced by the air hose sector. Harmonizing to keynote study, Factors like addition in the monetary values of oil during first half of 2008 which earnestly affected the operating costs of air hoses, so the impact of planetary recession made the status even worse as impacting the figure of riders and therefore decreased the demand for air travel globally. In response the different air hoses companies have abandoned those paths which were unprofitable and besides cut down the un-necessary costs ( Keynote, 2009 ) .In such a hard stage of the air hose sector, the companies must understand that how its ‘ clients are paraphrasing value and their reaction in the period of recession, alternatively of cutting down on the budget which they have planned for the market research. Now we will discourse specifically about the British air passages and Emirates air hoses, besides will see the different fiscal and managerial challenges that are faced by the above two companies. SWOT analysis is used as tool to clear up the difference between the both the air hoses.

3. SWOT analysis3.1 Strengths:British air passages made a strong trade name individuality as United Kingdom ‘s taking air hoses because of trust and trueness being showed by it ‘s clients. Strong trade name individuality besides brought advantages of economic systems of graduated table. There is being a new subordinate launched by British air passages named as, Open Skies, which offers merely concern category for the traffic between U.S and major European states. British air passages has got immense capacity for it ‘s air planes because of it ‘s chief operating base hub Internet Explorer, at Heathrow airdrome and With the proposed amalgamation with Iberia, British airways is taking to go 2nd largest air hose company after Air France of Europe.

British airways offers different trueness programmes for it ‘s clients as to do certain the once more travel from their air hoses merely.On the other side Emirates air hose has made it ‘s trade name strong in the market place utilizing different advertizements and many sponsorships. One of the chief strengths of emirates air hose is holding its ‘ focal point on diversified market and the entryway into the lading transporting proved really good for the company. Emirates air hose has made it ‘s corporate civilization by listening and placing the demands of it ‘s client. Emirates besides has low cost, which is around 30 % less than its ‘ European rivals.With the gap of emirates terminal 3 at Dubai international airdrome late and the uninterrupted ability to regenerate with betterment in the service gives the emirates air hose the strength border over it ‘s rivals.

Tim Clark who is the president of emirates air hose, stated that the past consequences of the air hoses have exceeded above outlooks despite of the addition in jet fuel monetary values for emirates air hoses from US $ 1.68 upto US $ 2.78 per gallon by the terminal of the twelvemonth ( Vedder, pp.48-52, 2008 ) .3.2 Failing:With the gap of new terminal 5 at Heathrow airdrome by the British air passages, the company faced jobs with preparation of staff, which led in flights being cancelled, complains of losing baggage.

Furthermore the lifting fuel monetary values led to increase in ticket monetary values. The lag of both the UK and US economic systems has affected British Air passages as the company has become really vulnerable to fiscal instability.The bankruptcies in the US banking sector decreased the figure of premium booking riders in British air passages to a great extent. The path of Heathrow and New York is holding immense traffic of riders and signifiers an of import portion of British air passages gaining.

Therefore, the bead in the engagements of premium category affected the profitableness of the company. British air passages besides suffered from increased in non fuel costs like from staff and the landing charges.For emirates air hoses, there is some failing besides associated with it, like it is non being successful in all of it ‘s variegation and attacks, which has emerged as a failing of the company. Analysts have blamed the company for excessively much stressing on high terminal acquisitions and variegations in malice of acquiring the type of consequences from such determinations.

As U.S is a major market for the air hose industry and emirates air hose does non provide to many topographic points in the U.S. , which is besides a failing for the company ( Knorr and Eisenkopf, 2009 ) .3.3 Opportunities:If British air passages will to the full get the Iberia air hoses with presently 13 % portion, so it will be in the list of the universe ‘s biggest air hoses holding approximated combined stock market capitalization worth of EUR 5.5 billion. There is an chance for the British air passages to spread out more in emerging markets like Middle East Region, India, and China.

Another chance for British Airways is to now better the operating conditions of its terminal 5 at Heathrow airdrome. The company should concentrate on minimal cost of going to carry through client demands. With the addition of fuel efficient aircrafts of British air passages it can minimise the environmental harm, as protection of environment is emerged as an of import issue throughout the universe. The company should besides see an involvement of clients towards new topographic points and develop new paths wherever possible.On the other manus for emirates air hose the chance lies in which, it can utilize it ‘s good developed substructure concern to travel into the new emerging markets where cyberspace acceptance is non really good developed. Same as for the British air passages, there is besides an chance for emirates to present new paths by detecting the involvement of clients.

As besides Dubai and the middle-east part is more progressing for touristry and commercial intent enables emirates air hose to turn.Emirate air hose does no pay income revenue enhancement so this besides gives a revenue enhancement benefit to it. This saves about $ 250 million of money per twelvemonth. Besides due to shut propinquity of Dubai from Indian and Pakistan gives a opportunity to the air hose to entree enormously available inexpensive labor. The benefit of inexpensive labor in the emirates air hose can be seen from the figure as from the entire operating budget of the company, the cost of labour histories upto 18 % which is really less as compared to Lufthansa air hose holding 27 % and united air hoses with 29 % of cost of labor ( TypePad, 2009 ) .3.4 Menaces:The current menace to British air passages is from current economic slowed down, increased fuel monetary values and weaker lb. The planetary recession has badly affected air transit.

The travel and touristry industry is traveling towards including more green patterns. There is force per unit area from European Union on all the air hoses companies to restrict C emanations Across EU. After the events of 11 September 2001, the security steps have been more tighten by the air hose companies. There is besides strong competition from low cost air hoses, sail and inveigh conveyance that constitutes a bigger portion in travel market.Low cost bearers are progressively looking for new paths for clients with low-cost ticket monetary value. Another affair of concern for British Airways is the trade brotherhood power. The trade brotherhood already did many work stoppages in grand 2004 and 2005.

Cost of fuel is besides can be at hazard as the political state of affairs in Iraq is back uping the rise of oil monetary values, which will ensue in attention deficit disorder up of another £100 million to the cost of British Airways ( Euromonitor international, 2009 ) .Whereas, there is terrible menace on emirates air hoses besides from it ‘s rivals calling Qatar air passages and Etihad air passages. Due to political instability in middle-east could take to hold a negative impact on emirate air hose. Although the cargo commercial and passenger sections of emirates air hoses have managed to accomplish their marks, but increasing oil monetary values affected last one-fourth net income. As more desire of trade good trading affected oil monetary values due to agents were non uncovering the existent figure of deficit of natural stuff ( Smith, 2010 ).

4. Challenges:There are some of the challenges still left out to be tackle by the BA at the clip of developing its clime alteration programme. As the company operate in environment which is unsure and political environment is merely a portion of whole environment but it gives challenges like of altering clime.

BA has taken assorted enterprises to confront & amp ; solved these challenges right from developing in-depth apprehension on how to confront these challenges, maintaining argument with authorities and inquiring for their cooperation. ( British Airways SWOT Analysis, 2006 ).BA had to confront many menaces from competition besides the security menaces like after the incidence of 9/11 terrorist onslaught, as its been considered as amongst the universe most net income devising air hoses so for them to take the industry the competition becomes more stiff for that they non merely have to confront menaces like intensifying fuel cost but besides have to run with low cost. BA has been helped by keymetric with 2006 transformational online plans to salvage about approximately 38 1000000s.Operating net income has gone down to 80 per centum which shows sheer and extreme lessening due to the weak client assurance and therefore cut downing the traffic volumes. Challenges are chiefly face due to the so many cost which has become hot air balloon and traveling high, if busted will non beneficial for the company.

The cost balloon include so many costs like right from fuel cost, employee cost, cost of technology, landing fees and besides this, besides includes more operations costs due to detain in switching to terminal 5 like, cargo managing costs, hauling charges, cost of land equipments, IT and strong euro rate etc.Whereas, Emirates airlines foremost penetrated the market by establishing it ‘ s paths to the topographic points in west Africa like in Nigeria and Ghana wholly. To prolong in to the market and experience the presence in these two states there is besides a challenge to be able to manage many multilingual issues and the jobs with dual byte sites.

As emirates is present internationally, to pull off it ‘s informations which is globally spread through cyberspace, the company took the determination of distributing out SDL Tridion ‘s content for direction solution. With such a determination enabled the Emirates, to provide to wider and assortment of audience. Now the clients from all over the universe can entree to common information available to them ( Simon, 2007 ) .5.

Solution:Aviation industry requires immense amounts of investing to run and it adds hazard to the return every bit good. The chief money beginning of income for houses is stockholder. BA secures its place in the universe air power through concentrating its purpose towards its prospective stockholders and merchandise improvement with passing cost expeditiously. BA aims to accomplish alone civilization in air hose by concentrating towards client and their demands. BA believes that, distinguishing their scheme from their rivals will convey the immense market.

After being loosed the conflict in to the concern category which has been collapsed, after their place has been taken over by Silver Jet Airlines as a concern category leader. But after this move in the air power industry, British Airways took some good determinations like buying of Lavion Paris Airline, which was a quiet successful for BA ( Business sale intelligence, 2008 ) . British Airways is ever prepared to the alteration harmonizing to the environment and that besides shows in their class of planned action. BA has released the Terminal 5 which was traveling through good operation with 6 million riders ( BBC intelligence, 2008 ) .Emirates on the other manus, had find out a niche for itself as a path for success and non in the manner of following others. Unlike BA, emirates was non really much affected by 9/11 incident and besides with diminution of net income degrees, place factors the company directors did n’t agitate and through their belief in their company and dedication took them out in such a crisis state of affairs and therefore, they were remained profitable. Whereas, other air hoses were cut downing and puting off their work force so as to cut down the cost but, emirates did n’t make this and their alone working paid off ( Sull, pp.221-226, 2009 ) .

Section – C6. Fiscal Reports:A fiscal study is created yearly as portion of an one-year study, and is a record of the fiscal activities a concern performs, presented in a concise and structured mode, nevertheless some companies may bring forth interim studies, every three or six months. The usual elements of a fiscal study include the Balance Sheet, Income Statement which is referred to as the ‘Profit and Loss ‘ history under UK GAAP, statement of maintained net incomes and statement of hard currency flows.

It is so frequently required by jurisprudence that these fiscal studies are exhaustively examined by an independent hearer to guarantee all information presented is accurate and true.7. Users of Fiscal Reports:These studies are used for a broad scope of intents.

Internal users of these studies are foremost the directors and proprietors of the company themselves, they require these studies in order to do of import determinations sing the running of the company, and its ‘ continued operations. The employees of a company may besides happen these utile in doing corporate bargaining understandings with direction.External users of these histories include fiscal establishments such as Bankss, in order to measure whether loans should be extended or fresh on the job capital should be granted. These studies are besides of great usage to prospective and current investors to measure the viability of puting or go oning to put in the company. Fiscal statements are besides required by the authorities in order to cipher revenue enhancements.

These fiscal studies, as seen in portion a, are so used to cipher a scope of ratios that give an even clearer image of the company ‘s public presentation. These ratios are overriding to concern determinations made by the direction, and besides play a immense portion in determinations made by creditors whether to impart money ( see 2.4.1 above ) and investors whether or non to put ( see 2.5 above ) .However the information recovered from these studies is merely every bit good as the information given to make them. Creative accounting can assist the Godhead of accounting paperss adjust things in order for the company to look more favorable to its stockholders and investors.

This gives a false image of the company, doing it look more attractive, but uninterrupted bad pattern such as this leaves them frowned upon and likely to neglect as a company.;