Republic notion should be not tolerated by

Republic Act 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 requires all elementary and high school in the country to adopt an anti-bullying policy. But just because students aren’t in grade school anymore it doesn’t mean that bullying won’t occur any longer.

And yes, there are still cases of bullying outside elementary and high school, more specifically, in our department.

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I’m not the one who is being bullied nor the bully in my own sense. The reason I’m writing this is that I’m bothered for those who are being bullied; and honestly, there are also being bullied in the faculty of our University.

I’m also bothered for those who are bullies; it doesn’t matter if they’re conscious or unconscious to their acts, what matter is that they are contributing and part of this no-nonsense problem.

And I’m alarmed for the professors and student leaders of the different institutions who have the authority and who can do something better to address such serious dilemma but doesn’t see bullying as one of it.


While there are a lot of forms of bullying like physical, verbal, social, psychological and cyber bullying, there seems to be a growing normalization among everyone that making the issue taken-for-granted or making it ‘natural’ in everyday life. And this notion should be not tolerated by each one of us.

One story I heard recently is that, there is this victim who always being made fun of (hindering and teasing) whenever he stands up to the whole class to the point that he alerted both of his parents.

One more story goes like the victim wasn’t the victim at all, but one of her close nuclear relative and was being laughed by her classmates; just because her relative has some sort of human disability.

Another story is that a professor, the one that I know, was directly insulted on his own class, and then found out that there are stream of jokes, memes and edited photos of him online.

And doubtlessly, there are other countless stories in and out of the ECE department that no one has heard of, or if, no one has dared to care.

Legitimate stories or not, there are people who are victims of bullying who feel helpless to respond to these harmful situations and people should not take it for granted.


Bullying is not just another issue that everyone can get over with. Bullying is a problem.

No one has the right to invalidate someone’s suffering, telling victims, “get over it,” and showing that bullying is just a simple joke. As if it’s something that could be remedied by any of the things found in a first-aid kit.

And we know, CEans, that all problem requires a proper solution.

People always wanted to be heard, taken care, and loved, but aren’t you the one who doesn’t listen, care, and love? The solution is simple, really. And it was descried thousands of years ago.

So to anyone, please be the one who’ll listen for someone who needs to be heard of, please be the one who’ll take care for someone who needs to be taken care of, and please be the one who’ll love for someone who deserves to be loved.

Someday, somewhere, I am sure, you’ll need them too, so while you’re able to, please be the one.