Request for recommendation Essay

Dear Professor ______________:I just had an interview with the Northwood University, Florida Campus for a scholarship under the MBA Program. Accordingly, they needed a recommendation letter from one of my professors who could attest my capabilities. Considering the length of time that you’ve been my professor, I readily thought of you. I would be very glad if you could make a recommendation letter for me.

As you may remember, you’ve been my professor in ACCTNG 2410 which is Managerial Accounting during the fall 2006. I was deeply interested in these subjects that I was able to get a grade of A. Your mastery of the subject matter and your effective teaching strategies made me realize that I needed to pursue a higher degree of education so that I could also be effective and articulate in my field.Attached herewith is my resume that includes all the curricular and extracurricular activities that I’ve joined during my college days and the seminars and workshops I attended as well. As to my experience, I am one of the pioneers of our family business which is the Miami NetZone Inc. In this business, I was able to apply the theories that I’ve learned in my course.

However, I want to have a wider knowledge and mastery of these theories through this scholarship.It would be very much convenient if you could send the letter to Dr. Vaughn Austria at Northwood University, Florida Campus, 2600 N Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409-2911 on March 5, 2009.

Attached herewith is the preaddressed and stamped envelop which you could use to mail your letter.Your favorable action is highly appreciated. You may contact me at __________________ for any clarification or question.Respectfully yours,(your name)Enclosure(Note: Please be the one to supply the blank information since it is personal.

This includes the name of your professor, the college where he/she teaches and your number. Thank you so much. I hope this could help you.)