Research Essay

BICOL UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL Legazpi City REACTION PAPER ON THE SEMINAR The MAGC class recently sponsored a seminar for the fourth year education student of the Bicol University College of Education last Oct. 20, 2012 held at the BUCE Training Hall. The topic mainly focused on the “Counselling Theories, Techniques, Skills and Relationship Counselling” which was discussed by a very competent resource speaker, Dr.

Marylendra A. Penetrante, an awarded psychologist of the Philippines and recognized by the other countries in the world.The seminar was held in the afternoon at 1:00 pm. The MAGC students made sure that the venue and all the other things needed to be prepared was ready before the seminar starts that day. The committee for the registration were all early at the venue to accommodate the students who will attend the said seminar. The process was very systematic that even before the guest speaker arrived, all the participants were in at the hall.

There were 250 expected participants to attend the seminar and 245 were present.It was a very good number and an almost 100% of attendees. The program went well that day. It was hosted by the two best MAGC students, Sheena and Kriz who both did very well for the job. Prof.

Hennie P. Lomibao introduced the speaker who happened to be her very good friend too. The speaker’s achievements when mentioned was truly impressive but despite these, Dr.

Marylendra A. Penetrante or simply Ma’m Neth as she wants herself to be called by others remains humble and put those things away from her head as to keep herself grounded.She said that “labels” is the start of one person’s unhappiness if he/ she would put them to their head. She focused on her skills and the service that she can give to others than with what she has achieved at an early age of her life. She also said that she always cherished friendships and her relationship with other people more than anything else because she said that in the end, they are the one that matters. As she tackles on the seminar proper, Ma’m neth was funny by nature that she was able to discuss it lightly making us and all the other participants very attentive to her topic.She made the participants laugh at her funny jokes and adlibs and cry at the videos she lets us watched. Her talk was totally great and very informative that I get to learn more with some of the techniques she has shared with us on how to make a person unload his/her heart’s desires by going into an “open heART surgery” without going to the operating room and without the need of a heart surgeon which I can really say was very effective.

Some added information from her was very helpful for us.The participants went home carrying in their hearts another useful learning which they can use in the future. The whole seminar was indeed a success for the MAGC students of the graduate school. Some problems met were easily resolved during that day. The professors of the MAGC class, Prof.

Hennie P. Lomibao and Dr. Bebiana M.

Alparce were both present. The latter gave the closing remarks for the program. They both gave the class positive comments for the said activity that the MAGC class sponsored.The class were also happy for the turn out of the event. It was truly successful as we also got some positive feedbacks from the participants based from the evaluation sheets given to them to answer.

Looking forward for more events like this that can add to students’ knowledge not just from being housed in the four corners of a classroom. Prepared by: MA. ASUNCION S. SALES MAGC Student