Research and Design Analysis Essay

Research and Design Analysis            The battery is an ordinary object that can be seen in almost all households. This item may seem common and plain with no special qualities attached to it but if one would look at its history, the story of the invention of the battery is both interesting and educational. In the early 1900s, the evolution of the battery started. Since then, it has made significant contributions to society particularly in making life more convenient and remarkable.            The Duracell battery was one of the brands that have created a great impact in improving the way people live. Through their advertisements, Duracell has able to entice customers from buying their product. This is what makes them competitive and distinguished from other battery brands available in the market.

In this poster, the design is quite minimalist with little amount of graphics but more on texts. The typography helped in emphasizing the message of the poster, which is that Duracell can provide long lasting energy to almost all electronic products.            The design of the Duracell battery poster is very simple yet powerful. It did not follow the usual treatment of advertisements in displaying products, which is frequently filled with too much graphics that make them look repetitive. Like the style of Paula Sher, the design of the poster used typography to exude creativity or artistry. Sher is known for her “against the flow” techniques wherein she utilizes her emotions and experiences to influence her art style.

In the poster, Sher’s influence is apparent. The image of the Duracell battery was placed at the center which was surrounded by different texts that vary in placement, font size and font style. All of these elements when combined produced a clear and direct message, which can easily appeal to the viewers.