Research by using Dialog Essay

INFO 435 – Lab #2 – DialogSection 1 – Cover Sheet:Company:  Google Inc.Name:Tools/Files Searched:  I used Dialog blue sheets as the search engine because of its wide array of database list. Compared to other search engines, Dialog is more like an electronic library where you can search for information sources in lots of different ways that the site offers.  Strategies Used: At the first try I tried to use the search engine in Dialog, since it is the most convenient way of looking for information,   I typed the simplest keyword that first crossed my mind –“Google Inc”, and then a lot of articles showed up, but most of them are irrelevant and probably they contained or matched only a little about the topic I was looking for. Trying to elicit more specific results I then turned to the databases. And as I continued searching for ways to get what I need I found out that Dialog has a lot of choices and a wide list of databases that may help me in my search.

Impressions: The impressive thing about Dialog is its simple layout design, which makes it comfortable for the eyes and look very user-friendly, as well as the links containing a lot of different interesting information and of course the links to databases.Recommendations:Section 2 – Search Terms Comparison ChartFILE # 623FILE # 614FILE #9FILE # 20Search string/term 1:GoogleSuccessful-5 search results.Successful-12 search results.Highly successful-105 results.90% of first 10 results showed relevant informationSomewhat successful-987 resultsFirst page showed 1 relevant linkSearch string/term 2: Google IncNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedHighly successful-41 results.100% of first 10 results showed relevant informationSomewhat successful-983 resultsFirst 20 results showed 2 relevant linksSearch string/term 3:Google financial statusNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedSearch string/term 4:Google and profitNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedNot successful-No results showedSection 3 – SWOT AnalysisStrengths·         Google, Inc. being one of the most used search engines today and being popular all over the world, Google still has the edge over other search engines. In China, Google.

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cn exceeded a 30% market share (Sinocast & Media beat, 2009). Even though there are other search popular search engines, Google is considered the one on top in terms of profit since it gets the highest percentage of shares in the search market.·         Another advantage of Google compared to its competitors is its strategy in expansion, making it the most popular search engine all over the world. Statistics show that in China had a 25.8% market share in the first quarter of 2008, 26.0% in the second quarter of 2008, 26.

8% in the third quarter of 2008, and 29.8% in the fourth quarter of 2008 (Sinocast & Media beat, 2009).  Google can also be used now in different languages depending on what country you are.Weaknesses·         Since Google’s is a web based search engine, it still relies on the codes developer used to create the engine, and of course the programs made for Google to run are not perfect, it is bound to have errors or problems. For an instance, a technical problem left millions of people in Washington. They were unable to use popular services such as its main search page, Google Mail and Google News.

The hour-long outage affected Web surfers not only in the United States butin other countries and numerous other services including Google Reader,Google Maps, Google Analytics and video-sharing site YouTube (Agence France Presse English Wire, 2009).·         Another downside of Google is its expansion costs; Google has been spending a lot in order to accomplish the expansion. It would be difficult especially now that the economy is on crisis.Opportunities·         Google will always have market and will be able to maintain its position since people nowadays are interested in creating social networks through the net, and it is one of the things that Google services offers. A prediction by Vinay Goel, Google’s head of products in India, has a large possibility to turn out to right for the company.

Goel has stated that the country’s Web user base is likely to soar in 2009. He pointed out that this robust Internet subscriber growth would be significantly driven by the uptake of Internet enabled cell phones. Internet World Stats revealed that the penetration of Internet services in the country was 7.

1 percent by December 2008 (India Weekly Telecom Newsletter, 2009).·         Google, due to its fast development of different useful on-line/electronic tools, it can maintain its position and even increase the number of its patrons. Rapid enhancements might be the key for this. Udi Manber, Google’s vice president of search engineering, showed  how simply putting a flight number into the search engine yields a  link to real-time information on the flight’s progress; or how  searching for’ plumber’ will present results relevant to the area  you are searching from.

According to Mr. Manber, the company has now cleared many of the practical hurdles that dogged search in its early days, such as how to store and access mind-bending volumes of digital information reliably. ‘We’re now in a position where these problems are much easier for us so we can concentrate on starting to understand,’ Mr. Manber said during the event (John Collins Irish Times, 2009).Threats·         Although Google is considered one of the giants in the search industry, there are still other companies out there that also prove to be good competitors. This can be a threat for the company, since it is impossible to please all companies to sign a deal with Google. Just like what happened in the deal regarding the Google Apps. When  Google (GOOG) announced a foray into business software two years ago, it touted General Electric (GE) as one of its trophy accounts.

GE had begun using Google-designed applications for some of thetasks  typically  handled  by  Microsoft’s  (MSFT)  pricier  Office,  which includes e-mail, word processing, and spreadsheet creation. Adding GE was a coup for a company that, despite having mastered Web search, was a neophyte in     the     Microsoft-dominated,     multibillion-dollar     world    of business-productivity software (Aaron Ricadela, BusinessWeek Online 2009).·          Another threat than could greatly affect Google, is its recent deals with other web-based companies, since there are government laws regarding copyrights and security for the users. One problem that Google is facing right now is the investigation on the latest deal with authors. Google is being investigated by the US Justice Department for anti-competitive behaviour over its planned dollars 125 million book deal.The investigation into the deal between Google and authors in the US could threaten the internet company’s plans to launch an iTunes for books.

Under the terms of the prospective deal, Google would hold the rights to digitise books in the US and sell the files online, but campaigners fear the deal would give Google too much power (Campaign , 2009).Section 4 – EvidenceCOLLINS, J. (2009). Google launches enhanced options IRISH TIMESGoogle.

cn Q1 Market Share Inched up (2009). JournalCVS expands Google alliance.  (2009). Journal, 31(5), 138