Research Methods and Analysis Essay

AbstractSocial scientists design different strategies of how they approach a social issue under study. The objective of all this is to come up with the most reliable information on the matter. This calls for suitable research designs and methodologies that will enable the researchers to retrieve the necessary information for analysis.

Introduction:There are various research methods and analysis that can be employed in analyzing social issues within the society. Social scientists in particular get interested in social issues within the society and devise the best methodology to gather and analyze data to come up with the most reliable conclusion. In studying recidivism and the different ways of repeat offenders, social scientists may device several ways of looking at the issue based on the different research methodologies and analysis.Using the descriptive study, the research question for this study would be: what can be done to reduce the incidences of recidivism and repeat offenders? A descriptive study will seek to describe the issue being studied before providing the suggested solutions.

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By looking for the answerer to this question, the researcher will have to comprehensively understand the problem so as to provide the desired solution. Qualitative research method will be the best suited to this study since it will provide an in-depth understanding of the matter through the expressed experiences of the participants (Colman, 1995).On the other hand, using an explanatory study on the same issue, the research question would be: how can the rising incidences of repeat offenders and recidivism be addressed? An explanatory study exposes the problem and then tries to provide for the solutions. The gravity of the issue has to be exposed and this calls for the quantitative methodologies which will bring out the true picture of how the issue is affecting the society. Quantitative methodology relies on the   numerical figures from the participants (Colman, 1995).Conclusion:There are different methodologies that can be employed by social scientists in analyzing the issues that affect the society.

Though an issue can be addressed from different perspectives; there are those issues which will be best addressed using a particular methodology.Reference:Colman, A. M., (1995). Psychological research methods and statistics.

Longman; ISBN 0582278015, 9780582278011.