Research Methods Checkpoint Essay

Research Methods

List the advantages and disadvantages of the following research methods:

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Research MethodAdvantagesDisadvantages

Case Study
1.Case study in psychology refers to the use of a descriptive research approach to obtain an in-depth analysis of a person, group, or phenomenon. A variety of techniques may be employed including personal interviews, direct-observation, psychometric tests, and archival records. .

Such detail not normally obtained by other studies, specific and rare cases, the development of original hypothesis used for later testing.Collecting longitudinal case studies not always being useful, some non-scientific, one client and one subject could lead to a bias result and wrong data will bring different results than others, case-control needed but difficult to obtain. Correlational Method

Correlation is a statistical measurement of the relationship between two variables. Possible correlations range from +1 to –1. A zero correlation indicates that there is no relationship between the variables. A correlation of –1 indicates a perfect negative correlation, meaning that as one variable goes up, the other goes down. A correlation of +1 indicates a perfect positive correlation, meaning that both variables move in the same direction together.More data than experiments- being more applicable to daily life opens up further research, correctional research helps provide a good start for other researchers to narrow down findings.Does not provide a conclusive reason by only uncovering a relationship –does not reveal power over another variable and, a third variable might be causing both. Experimental Method

Experimental psychology is an area of psychology that utilizes scientific methods to research the mind and behavior. While students are often required to take experimental psychology courses during undergraduate and graduate school, you should really think of this subject as a methodology rather than a singular area within psychology.Cause and effect can be established, allow experimenters more control with the variables.Problems are lab work is not always identical to what takes place in the real world.

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