Research paper on Albert Watson Essay

Albert Watson            Photography, from the word itself, people associate it right away with a camera. Photographer, it is a person who takes pictures. Albert Watson, he is an icon looked upon for being able to be one of the most successful photographers being able to shoot for celebrities, royalties and magazines.

He is a Scottish and is born in Edinburgh from parents who are employed as a boxer and as a physical education teacher (Wikipedia). Albert was named “One of the 20 Most Influential Photographers of All Time” by the photo industry bible and Photo District News. He was educated in different schools including Duncan of Jordanstone, College of Art and Design in Dundae and the Royal College of Art in London (Albertwatson).The picture I choose to write on is titled as “Crosswalk, Beijing Hilton” which he took in 1979 (Artnet). This was a personal project of Albert Watson shot in China together with other pictures. It was housed in the archive for over 25 years. The photograph’s size is 35 x 44” .

The series is only available in one edition. This photograph and other more pictures included in this personal project can be viewed in Los Angeles Gallery. It is pigment print photograph on paper (Guyhepner). I can say that the picture is significant.

I can see a lot of realizations in life by looking at it. Though it may seem blank for what you can see in the picture is only a man standing with an umbrella and a road with a pedestrian lane, the picture gives out signals to me the things that I need to start realizing in my life.            Seeing a man standing alone, it tells me that despite I am surrounded by our family and friends, how I reach my end will depend on how I cross it. The only person who can live my life, my lane, is only I.

I shouldn’t live by others’ rules instead, I should live my life the way I know it will give me the end that I want to. As the man is in the middle of the pedestrian lane crossing it, it is unknown whether he made good use half of his life or whether he put to waste half of the short time given to him. Every step in crossing the “road” is important. I should maximize the things that should be done in each step I take because I may not know when I will take the last step. Not all crosses the road with having all their missions accomplished. The picture indeed wants to move the person viewing it by saying that while the “crossing” is not yet over, you must be able to do what needs to be done and live life without regrets and turning backs.            The man in the picture holds an umbrella. The pavement seems to be wet.

I can say there is or there was a rain. As I cross my road and as I move to the other side, rains or problems can’t be refrained. The umbrella is an object of something I can use to protect myself from the rain. My family, my friends, and my loved ones can be the source of my protection.

They can be my umbrella during rains and cloudy days.            To me, the picture expresses life and how a person should deal with it. It appeals a lot to me since a picture without a lot of details creates many impacts and different lessons about life.

The picture is taken in black and white which I can say adds up to the meaning that Albert wants the viewer to know.Works Cited“Albert Watson.” Albertwatson. 1 May 2009. <http://www.albertwatson.

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