Research preparation Essay

Thesis Statement: Media content must be regulated concerning the misinformation it sends about sex because of its potential to miseducate the publicI.

                   The problem of unregulated sexual content in media is a major concern today considering the prominent position media has in today’s society.a.       The role of media in 21st century is becoming a concern for many, including media critics, policy makers, teachers and parents because of the steadily increasing consumption of media.b.

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      Current trends in media programming, specifically in television, exhibit an increase in sexual content in various forms and degrees.c.       The American television program Gilmore Girls as a case in point reveals the sexual values portrayed in contemporary media.II.

                Arguments for media regulation involve the role of media as a deficient sexual socialization agent.a.       Recent studies by RAND research organization reveal links between watching television programs with sexual contents or innuendos and early sexual activity.b.      All forms of media have been infused with sexual context and, as a result, media has become a crucial sexual socialization agent.1.

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, media is referred to as a “sexual super peer” because its viewers, who compensate for the scarce information from parental and other institutional authorities, seek information about sex.2. Media information regarding sex which is disseminated to the public is deficient.                       i. Studies on media effects show that the actual                       consequences of premature sexual intercourse are rarely                       depicted in television.                       ii. Sex is often portrayed as something which brings                       about satisfaction, happiness and other social rewards.

                                         iii. The impartial consequences of sex depicted in                                         television is a form a reinforcement which encourages                                         its viewers to adapt the behaviour.                 3. Social cognitive theory of learning explains media as a model for                behaviour.