Research Proposal Plan for Contemporary Hospitality Essay

Research proposal * Title The influences of oil spill on different stakeholders within hospitality industry in New Zealand.

* Background Contemporary issues are present and arguable topics which is affecting and changing hospitality industry. The main major contemporary issues focus on environment, global economy, sustainability and new trends. Oil spill is one of the issues that affect Hospitality Industry in New Zealand.As research the oil spill occurred in New Zealand, which I will focus in the Rena oil spill occurred of the coast of Tauranga in October 2011; there are so many ranges that got affected by oil spill such as hotel industry, restaurant industry, employee and customer.

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Oil spill affects badly to environment specially sea life. Oil spill effects hospitality industry but based on the results of comprehensive risk assessments; New Zealand’s hospitality industry maintains an appropriate domestic capability to respond to a biggest oil spill ever.As I said above, I’m going to report the how oil spill that occurred effect to different ranges in hospitality like: * Hotel * Restaurant * Employee * Customer * Research objectives 1.

What had been affected in hotel industry after oil spill? 2. What had changed in restaurants industry? 3. How had oil spill affected staff? 4. How had oil spill affected customers’ behaviours? My aim is to find out the answers for these questions. By answering the uestions above, I will be able to gain more knowledge about how other factors could affect hospitality industry as well as learn how to react with this situation if it ever happened again. * Method * Conduct a review of oil spill in New Zealand from the internet in the last few years, could be from 2010 until now, to have a better understanding about the topic and how it affect hospitality industry of New Zealand.

* A questionnaire could be developed with questions that relevant to oil spill topic.If I did create a questionnaire, I would need to use some analyse information by using software. My target will be teachers and staff at NZMA because in my opinion, students might not know much about Rena oil spill. However, I might ask students some simple questions about this, such as “What do you know about oil spill? ” or “Do you know how to contact with a responsibility organisation if you know there is an oil spill happening? ”.

I think I would need to look for some more questionnaires from the internet to have more information for my report. * Timescale 15-17 October 2012: Gathering information about the topic and planning the research proposal. I had a day to think about my main topic for the research paper, and then I decided the effect of oil spill on different stakeholder in hospitality industry would be my subject of the report. After that, I have to look for information from the internet about my topic to have a better understanding and writing a research proposal plan. I have to hand my proposal plan to my tutor, Nicole before 5pm on Wednesday, 17th October. * 18-21 October 2012: Writing my report.For many students, including me, the hardest thing is to organise the information. After finish researching, I would gather quite a lot of information so select the main information is very important.

I should write a draft after the selecting finished to make sure my information is well organised and to avoid grammar/spelling mistakes. Writing a draft also helps me improve my writing skill and understand more about the subject that I am researching. I should also ask for advices and opinions from Nicole while writing my report.I am sure that her advices and opinions are very helpful and valuable and maybe, she could show me some new and interesting ideas too.

* 22-3rd December 2012: Have an overview, fixing mistakes and ready to submit. My due date is Monday, 3rd December. At this time, my report should be completed and ready to submit. If I could somehow show Nicole my report before due date, which I am thinking sending email to her with my report attached, I would be able to fix or add more information into my report so I would have a better grade.

* ResourcesI have access to computer hardware and software. Internet is a place that you could find almost everything so looking information about oil spill from the internet is extremely necessary. Visiting some websites about oil spill is helpful too. * References http://www. nzherald. co. nz/rena-oil-spill/news/headlines. cfm? c_id=1503203 http://www.

maritimenz. govt. nz/Environmental/Responding-to-spills-and-pollution/Past-spill-responses/Past-spill-responses.

asp http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Rena_oil_spill http://www. epa. gov/oilspill/ http://www. restorethegulf. gov/