Research report to ascertain future career goals Essay

Tables of FiguresThe increasing trend of marketing expense in its different areas——————–10EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe purpose of this research report is to find the career opportunity in marketing particularly in Canada.

The first resource used is a book named “Opportunities in marketing careers” written by “Margery Steinberg”. This book was helpful in providing the basic concepts and divisions in the marketing. It gave adequate knowledge about various marketing disciplines operating in organizations working in Canada. The second source used was blogs. First blog is “Integrated marketing programs-Are they stacking up?” posted by Sandra Singer.

Its URL is  This talks about integrated marketing, its benefits, its potentials and the opportunity it provides for personal growth. The second blog is “Economy trumps environment” posted by Rhyannan Jones. Its URL is

This talks about niche marketing and how it can be exploited for the firm’s advantage. After reading these blogs, target marketing became the focus for further research. The third resource “Journal of marketing” by “American Marketing Association”, therefore defines how target marketing is further divided into market segmenting, market targeting and market positioning. Here it seems that working in the marketing research is the step towards further advancement.

The fourth resource presents internship opportunity at Canada west foundation internship program. This internship is important as it facilitates internees to conduct public policy research which will then later help them conduct market research in their actual career. The final resource is discussion forum which further explores the diversification in target marketing and presents opportunities for flexibility and job enlargement.

The title of forum is “Target Market – Medical Industry”, from the URL

Subsequently, in conclusion target marketing is accepted as a career goal.PURPOSE STATEMENTThe purpose of this report is to research the different sources of information to find out what job opportunities exist in the marketing department of any organization in Canada.SOURCES USEDBookThe title of the book is “Opportunities in marketing careers” written by “Margery Steinberg”. It was published in 2005.

The book provides the complete coverage of the various divisions in marketing department which can provide a potential career opportunity. The subdivisions are consumer behavior, branding, promotion or advertisements, target marketing, personal marketing, direct marketing, sale promotion, media or publications, marketing research and retailing etc. After studying about the diverse scope in the field of marketing, I was able to make the conclusion that each area in the marketing has its own benefits and growth opportunities.

Selecting any of the area provides an equal prospect for learning, greater responsibility and adequate compensation. This book added to my knowledge the entire gamut of opportunities in the area of marketing from which I can make a choice for my career. Further more the concepts given in this book are particularly explained with examples from Canadian organizations. (Steinberg, 2005)BlogsMy first blog is “Integrated marketing programs-Are they stacking up?” posted by Sandra Singer.

Its URL is It was posted on August 11, 2006 and the date of the most recent post is November 6, 2008. It talks about a release issued by Association of National Advertiser (ANA) on June 2006. The section of the release talks about the concept of integrated marketing programs which has gained much popularity in Canadian organizations. The integrated marketing is about the integration of different disciplines of marketing so that total communication to the customer is emphasized rather than following any particular promotional technique.

The move to break down traditional division between the marketing disciplines has resulted in high level of creativity and effectiveness and squeezed maximum value out of budgets.This blog is important for my career search as it tells me about the growing importance of integrated marketing. Hence in whatever discipline of marketing I enter into, I would find a coordinated and cordial environment where I can expand my creativity and switch between disciplines for my personal growth. This is a very important factor for any person who is looking for a career as everyone wants to expand his horizon and experience new responsibilities and tasks.The second blog is “Economy trumps environment” posted by Rhyannan Jones. Its URL is

This is the most recent blog posted on November 18, 2008. The blog is about Heather Reisman, the CEO of Indigo Music and Books Inc. who has taken a long term view and is taking initiative to do business in a way which is environmentally sustainable. She has introduced Pistachio, an environmentally conscious shop.

And it is a great success as customers are spending more over the products it is offering. Actually, she has invested in a niche market in which she is targeting customers who spend for a cause.This blog gives an important insight which is helpful for my career search. It tells about the importance of target marketing and the potential it has for business expansion. Even the market of your product gets saturated, target marketing promises future growth by just changing the positioning of your product in consumer’s mind. Thus seeking a job in the field of target marketing will add value to my work experience and therefore it becomes my priority in job search.Peer reviewed journalThe journal I have selected is “Journal of marketing” by “American Marketing Association”.

This journal is very recognized among scholars, practitioners, academics, non profit organization, government and business people. It provides knowledge about current marketing issues. It helps businesses and other institutions to better apply marketing techniques to help their operations as well as society at large. It actually tries to bridge the gap between theory and application. The articles in this journal have created new marketing techniques to solve concurrent and emerging marketing problems and needs of organizations. Most of these emerging marketing problems are in fact reported by this journal itself through reviewed research, which greatly helps organizations to be proactive in solving them. In other words, this journal has revolutionized the field of marketing since it was established in 1936.

It has presented many new ideas, theories and practices in the field of marketing through conceptual as well as empirical illustrations.This journal was important for my research in the sense that it gave me additional information about target marketing. Actually, target marketing can be broadly divided into three parts; market segmentation, market targeting and market positioning. The last two categories come higher in the career hierarchy. For new entrants, market segmentation is the viable option.

It basically involves conducting different types of research in the consumer market in order to divide the market into groups of customers representing similar characteristics, attitudes, lifestyles and needs. This information then helps in selecting the most feasible market segment and positioning which can provide organization with highest returns. Therefore finding an initial opportunity in the field of marketing research can be helpful in advancing to the more sophisticated areas of target marketing.InternshipCanada west foundation internship program hires student in every summer break to facilitate them to conduct public policy research and make them aware of the myriad problems faced by citizens. The foundation which has head quarter in Suite 900, 1202 Centre Street SE Calgary, AB Canada T2G 5A5, conducts research in different public policy issues and by hiring internees it expands its research capacity.

This internship opportunity is very relevant for my career goals as I am looking forward for a job opportunity in marketing research. I will serve the foundation with my skills of marketing which I have gained in my course work. Further more this internship opportunity will itself refine and hone my skills and abilities. It will be a great chance for converting my knowledge into practice as well as assuring my career in marketing in the future.Discussion ForumThe title of the discussion forum is “Target Market – Medical Industry”, from the URL

The date of the most recent post is 11-15-2008. Moderation is not indicated. This discussion forum talks about how people engage in virtual assistant jobs with targeting multiple customers at the same time. The writer describes how she was first serving only the women business owner and then changed her primary market to doctors and others in medical industry. This discussion forum gives some very interesting characteristics of target marketing job. It can be virtual, same product or service can be targeted at different customers and also the flexibility it provides in the work. Thus the above three characteristics are very positive for the career seeker in target marketing and make it the most attractive field in the domain of marketing.CONCLUSIONThis report concludes with identifying target marketing as the most favored career goal.

It has been proved that this field in the marketing is not only successful in Canada but worldwide. Moreover the notion of providing services and products virtually to multiple customers and clients adds to its attractiveness. However the initial job will start as market researcher which will provide the basis for the promotion.Reference:Target Market – Medical Industry – Virtual Assistant Forums. Retrieved November 19, 2008, from Virtual Assistant Forums Web site: http://www., R Canadian Marketing Blog – Canadian Marketing Association. Retrieved November 19, 2008, Web site: November 19, 2008, from Marketing Budget Plan Web site: http://www., S Canadian Marketing Blog – The Canadian Marketing Association. Retrieved November 19, 2008, from Blogger: Create your free blog Web site:, M (2005). Opportunities in marketing careers.

McGraw-Hill.APPENDIXThe increasing trend of marketing expense in its different areas (http://74.125.

95.132/search? you think is the most competitive discipline in the field of marketing? (Tick the relevant answers)BrandingConsumer BehaviorMarketing ResearchTarget MarketingAdvertisement, Media and PublicationDirect MarketingPersonal MarketingSales PromotionOthers ____________________Do you think curtailing marketing budget is the most effective way for cost cutting in the organization? EitherYes orNoDo you think niche marketing always provides the desired benefits and returns? In other words, is it the effective marketing strategy for businesses? (0-never, 1-sometimes, 2-most of the time, 4-always) ______Show your priority below (1 represent the top in priority while three the lowest)·         Buy products only to fulfill necessity ___·         Buy products for luxury ___·         Buy products representing a cause ___Do you think information provided by marketing research is critical for the functioning of marketing department?Your comments about how marketing can be improved to provide advantage to the organizations.

Could you help me out by providing some resourceful contacts of people who can assist me in my marketing career search.I would like to solicit recommendations from university professors. This group of respondents is best suited because professors who are or have served in the corporate sector are well aware of the needs of both fresh graduates and organizations. They can be helpful in making a best match between their students’ capabilities and organizations’ requirements.