Research Software Applications and Information Systems Essay

Research Software Applications and Information SystemsIntroductionIn the modern world, research software applications and information systems are critical infrastructural components for any organization that expects to survive. This has been contributed to by the fact that the main objectives in every organization are those of efficiency and effectiveness in every area of operation. To achieve these objectives it is inevitable to ignore technology as a core driving factor. In this regard technology refers to the infrastructure put in place in terms of machinery and information technology.

Barclays bank limited has been in the banking and finance industry for over the last thirty years. This is one good example of an organization that has embraced the use of research software applications and information systems in the carrying out of its day to day activities. One major characteristic to note is the adoption of different information system applications in the various departments of the organization.

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One of the major software available in the accounting department of the organization is exchequer accounting software which is an accounting system whose main aim is to maintain the highest level of financial control in the accounting practices adopted by the bank. This accounting software maintains this high level of control through its highly enhanced features such as the availability of multicurrency, electronic banking platform and an integrated payroll system among others.The marketing department of Barclay bank has not been left out either and has marketing management software which aids in its marketing operation. This application is important as it gives important marketing information on the major marketing areas such as planning and the type of marketing strategies to adopt in different target markets. The main benefit derived from this is that through the evolution of computer technology whereby we have advancement such as artificial intelligence, this software has tailored solutions to the marketing issues or problems at hand.One key department in any organization is the finance department.

This is because it determines what organizational activities are going to be financed and the ones that will not be financed. Financial management software has been adopted in regard to the importance accorded to this department. This software has features such as portfolio analysis, financial reporting and budgetary allocations to the various departments of Barclays bank.

ConclusionResearch software applications and information systems are in fact the back bone of any organization in the modern world. These two components stream line all the activities and operations of the various departments such as marketing, accounting, human resource and management departments thereby  creating an efficient and effective system. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations are the main reasons for the adoption of information systems in order to ensure continued operations and profitability of any organization.Ciborra, C. (2002).

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