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There are many problems in day to day lives of individuals that touch on the economic, political, and social spheres. Impulsive buying has been identified as one of the problems that lead to economic problems especially when it comes to the management of the financial expenses. It is a problem that can easily be noticed in many individuals across the country. If left uncontrolled, impulsive buying may land an individual into perpetual financial problems.


Impulsive buying has been identified as one of the major challenges that the modern day individuals have to deal with in this period of economic hardship. Impulse buying can be defined as the tendency to buy something without having given it careful thought. It is a major problem that emanates from impulses which leads to a sudden urge in an individual to do something. It is therefore an inherent and irrational problem that affects human behavior. Most of us find ourselves buying what we had previously not budgeted for and this has detrimental impacts on personal financial management. Impulse buying has become a general characteristic amongst the American population. Most Americans enjoy it as it turns a dreary day of shopping to something full of fun as individuals purchase something unexpectedly. Each and every individual has a weakness for particular products and cannot resist the urge to buy those products whenever they see them. Personally, I have a weakness for books and magazines and whenever they come into my sight, resisting the urge to buy them is out of question unless I do not have cash to spend.

Understanding Impulse Buying:

The first step in addressing any problem is to have a clear understanding of the problem at hand. In this regard, it is important to have a clear understanding of the impulse buying phenomenon before attempting to address it. When an individual notices that he/she is paying more expenses at the end of the month more than what he/she thought to have spent, then there is need for concern. Impulse buying does not only strain financial income but might also impact on the social relationships (Bell, 2010). Impulse buying is an emotional problem and as the name suggests, it arises from impulses which are irrational tendencies. Emotions can at times lead us astray and therefore it is important to learn how we can manage them. Each and every individual has emotions and learning on how to deal with them is the most important aspect (Meyer, 2010). To be able to uncover the impulse buying weakness, services of a financial counselor might be required.

Impulse buying is the major obstacle in an effort to meet strict budgets. Most of individuals have fallen victims of impulse buying, and once they fall victims of the problem, it is usually hard to stop the habit. Whenever an individual visits the store or an internet based shopping site, the advertising and marketing forces becomes so strong to resist that the individual lacks the control of resisting the urge to buy. When the impulse is arising from the subconscious mind, then it becomes a great challenge as the individual will have no time to think about it. It has been argued that the best way of dealing with impulsive buying is taking time to think about it before indulging in the buying behavior. Many solutions have been described to help in dealing with impulse buying and this includes coming up with a list of the things that you would want to buy; avoiding going to the shopping mall or visiting online retail sites more frequently; monitoring your urges; putting a freeze on the credit card; and taking sometime to think about what you buy. These are just but few of the numerous tips that can be used in controlling impulse buying (Trent, 2007).

Dealing with impulse buying requires practical measures which can be applied in real life situation. The financial counselor may give various suggestions but it is important to understand the individual weaknesses which may at times prove to be difficult to overcome. Suggestions such as avoiding visiting shopping malls can rarely be followed given that at one point in time, an individual will have to go the mall to do his/her shopping. I am of the opinion that having a list of the items to be bought can play a significant role in addressing the impulsive buying behavior. At the same time, having a list is not in itself a solution to the problem as great commitment shall be required on the part of the individual. To address this problem, individual discipline and commitment shall be required. When going for shopping for instance, one shall be required to carry just enough cash to spend on the enlisted items. It is advisable that one leaves his/her credit card when going for shopping to avoid the temptations of indulging in the impulse buying. When doing the shopping, in any case, one shall be attracted to something that is not included in the list, just take a look at it but be cautious not to pick it up as you might be tempted to buy it (Bell, 2010).


Impulsive buying is a major problem amongst many individuals and can easily result into financial constrains. It is therefore important to have control over one’s financial management. The marketing and advertising can be tempting to encourage customers to spend for what they had not previously planned for as they encourage them to spend on frivolous items. However, with great determination and commitment, this problem can be overcome.


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