Research the Allies as it helped win

Research Question: Why was D-day important and was it worth it?Introduction Paragraph:World War 2, it was the bloodiest conflict in all of human history. D-Day or Operation Neptune was essential to the Allies as it helped win them the war. June 6, 1944, hundreds of Allied ships massed and started crossing the English Channel toward France, it was the Invasion of Normandy.

Over 100,000 troops crossed the channel along with 11,000 aircraft either giving cover or dropping in paratroopers or supplies. The Germans knew that an invasion like this was going to happen but they never expected it on a day like June; Because of the stormy weather, many German Generals took the day on leave which was how the Allies were able to get a foothold during all of the German confusion thus allowing the Allies to hold a beachhead.Body Paragraph #1 – First Main Point:Operation Neptune allowed the allies to gain a foothold on the Occupied French soil.

It was the largest seaborne invasion of all time and was hand in hand with the Greatest deception plan ever carried out. There were a lot of good achievements during d-day though the Allies did not get the areas that they had originally planned to take. They had planned to link all of the beaches on the first day though only the Canadians at Juno beach were able to link up with the British on Gold beach. The Canadians though took more land than their British Friends and American counterparts. There were also successful landings of the paratroopers that landed before the main force to take bridges as well as key exits to the beaches. On Gold beach, the Allied bombardment took out most of the beaches defences and a great achievement was that the cruiser HMS Ajax had such good accuracy from Kilometres away that it hit one German artillery battery through the small slot opening, or what the Military calls a Hole in 1. The US rangers were also able to scale the 100 meter cliffs that overhanged their landing spot at Pointe du Hoc and hold their positions for a number of days until reinforcements arrived.

Another of the greater achievements was the German deception. The Germans had 12 agents in Britain but M16 had them all converted to double agents. They fed the Germans wrong information that if they hadn’t, D-day would probably not have succeeded. Even with all of these achievements, was it worth the cause?Body Paragraph #2 – Second Main Point:A lot of blood came with these achievements such as on Omaha Beach, the water was red with all of the American dead.

The Allied bombardment did almost nothing on that particular beach killing 0 germans. The Americans had to run a couple hundred yards while at the same time being slaughtered by the Germans. The Americans that had landed at Utah, but at the wrong beach realized that the beach that they had landed on was a less defended beach and with the famous quote, “we’ll start the war from here” by one of the commanding officers, US Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt Jr. On Gold beach which the British attacked, there was a sharp contrast to Omaha, most of the beach defences were mostly destroyed, so the British had it easier. On Juno was the beach that the Canadians were tasked to take and as they jumped off their landing craft and tried to wade ashore, the Germans quickly cut them down in lines from bunkers and houses. With a rate of 50 percent casualties during the first hour of the first assault teams, but after advancing off the beaches the German resistance slowed and the Canadians advanced so far inland that they were the only ones to link up with another beach; which was Gold Beach. On Sword beach, the casualties weren’t as bad with help of “Funnies” special tanks.

As of the US rangers on the Pointe du Hoc, they suffered so many casualties that only 90 were left standing of the 225+ Rangers that landed; after when they had to hold the point. Of the Casualties, there were 2,400 at Omaha, 946 casualties that were Canadian, 6,603 American casualties in total and 2,700 British Casualties.Body Paragraph #3 РThird Main Point:As the Allies were able to take the beaches on the first day, they had established an important foothold which would lead to the end of the Third Reich. The Allied landings were the beginning of the 2nd front against Germany; because the Allies had a  successful invasion, the Allies would be able to push into France and Germany.

Another reason that Operation Neptune was important was that it was the head of Operation Overlord which would be focused on taking back Europe. It was important because it proved that the Germans could not fight the war on 2 fronts just like in World War 1. The Germans had to send troops to keep massive Russia out of the picture while trying to stop the Western Allies from Advancing toward Berlin.

The Germans were spread to thin and as a result, the Allies were able to win the War. The Invasion also had another impact, the boosted morale. With more morale, the troops would believe that the victory was in sight. After the invasion, the Allies are able to liberate France on August 25, 1944, and the defeat of Berlin was on May 7, 1945.Conclusion:Though the Allies still had a war to fight in the east against Japan, when the Germans let the Allies take the beaches, everyone knew that an Allied win was possible, even with the rising casualty rate and fatalities.

Though after the landings the Germans tried to stop the advance at “Hitler’s Last Bridge” and during the battle of the Bulge. It was on May 7, 1945, that the war in Europe was over but that would have never been possible if it weren’t for the invasion of Normandy.